An Arab Call for Resettlement of Palestinian Refugees

[MEMRI] Daoud al-Shiryan, Al-Hayat columnist and deputy secretary-general of Al-Arabiya TV, recently published several articles calling for resettlement of Palestinian refugees: "Objecting to resettlement is no different than objecting to peace. It is nothing but an unrealistic slogan." "Arabs who object to the resettlement plan contend that they are motivated by their zealous devotion to the Right of Return. But...this spurious devotion has evoked the opposite reaction: a Palestinian now hopes to emigrate to America, Europe, Canada, or Australia in order to escape the hell of the Palestinian refugee camps." "[My] passion for resettlement is not a rejection of the Right of Return, but rather of the inhuman treatment of the Palestinians in the 'countries of the refugee camps.' Foremost among these countries is Lebanon, which bars the Palestinians from 72 professions, so as to prevent them from living in dignity."

2009-08-12 06:00:00

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