Israel Warns of Iranian Missile Peril for Europe

[Telegraph-UK] Carolynne Wheeler - Iran is developing nuclear missiles capable of reaching beyond its enemies in the Middle East to Europe. A senior Israeli cabinet minister has told the Sunday Telegraph that his government is convinced Iran is intent on becoming the first Muslim superpower, with weapons capable of striking not only at Israel but also Egypt, Libya, and Saudi Arabia as well as Greece and other parts of southeastern Europe. In an interview, Avi Dichter, the Israeli minister of public security, warned that Iran was developing missiles with a range of more than 1,250 miles. "Once you can reach double the distance between Iran and Israel with your missiles, it means there is some farther target. Is it Egypt? Libya? Saudi Arabia? A European country?" Dichter said there was almost no hope of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord this year, and that a major operation against Hamas and other Islamist groups in Gaza would eventually be needed. He added that the Palestinian Authority's loss of Gaza to Hamas in June showed it was not ready to take full control of security in an eventual state, and that Gaza must be brought back under control before a Palestinian state is created.

2008-01-08 01:00:00

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