Why Do Arab Nationalists Demand the Liberation of Palestine If They Gave Up on Other Occupied Regions?

[MEMRI] Palestinian author Dr. Ahmad Abu Matar said on Al-Jazeera TV on July 22, 2008: "To be honest, I do not understand these priorities. [Syrian] Alexandretta was occupied [by Turkey] in 1936, and we have forgotten about it, and [Arab] Al-Ahwaz was occupied [by Iran] in 1925, and we have forgotten about it. Palestine was occupied in 1948 - so what are the priorities?" "Do you want to liberate the first region to fall, or the last? If you want to start with the last region - go ahead and issue just one statement about the UAE islands occupied by Iran. This proves that there is a defect in the thinking of the anti-normalization committees."

2008-08-08 01:00:00

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