Wanted: Palestinian Author of Al-Qaeda Bomb-Making Manual

[Ynet News] Ronen Bergman - "I know this bomb from somewhere," said the intelligence expert studying photos from a September 2006 blast at the U.S. Embassy in Damascus. The combination of explosives rigged to gas tanks was the trademark of Saif al-Din ("Sword of the Faith") - one of the world's most wanted terrorists. The international intelligence community doesn't even know what he looks like, but he is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. All the international intelligence community has to go on is the image of his hands, which appear in an instructional video - "Bomb-Making 101" - designed to teach eager terrorist-wannabes how to make explosive devices that can cause maximum casualties. Some five years ago, a Jihad activist logged on to a Hamas forum and introduced a series of lessons on bomb-making. He called himself "Saif al-Din" after one of Islam's ancient mythological heroes. After his posts were compiled into "Saif al-Din's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Explosives," his affiliation with al-Qaeda has become obvious.

2008-09-05 01:00:00

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