Egypt and Palestinians Trade Fire at Gaza Border

[AP/Washington Post] Karin Laub - Egyptian forces and Hamas police exchanged fire across the Gaza-Egypt border Monday, and defiant Hamas leaders warned they would not permit Gaza's resealed frontier to remain closed for long. A day after Egypt closed Gaza's only gate to the world, one Palestinian was killed and several dozen people were hurt, including eight with gunshot wounds, in the worst outbreak of violence since Jan. 23, when Hamas militants first toppled the border wall. After all border traffic was halted by Egyptian forces Monday, Gazans started throwing stones at the Egyptians, and Hamas did not interfere. Egyptian forces threw stones back, and then fired tear gas. At one point, gunfire erupted. Witnesses said they saw Hamas gunmen taking part in the fighting, which left a Palestinian man dead and 44 people wounded.

2008-02-05 01:00:00

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