Amnesty's Obsession with Israel

[Ynet News] Yael Beck and Merav Fima - With a ceasefire holding between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, and in a month when war raged in Georgia, Amnesty International continued to focus on Gaza. In fact, Amnesty issued harsher condemnations of Israel than of any party to the Georgian conflict. Despite the fact that a greater number of civilians were killed during the conflict in Georgia than over the course of the Second Lebanon War in 2006, on that occasion, Amnesty rushed to condemn Israel in almost-daily publications. It portrayed Israel as an aggressor and largely ignored the fact that civilians in northern Israel suffered a constant barrage of rockets launched by Hizbullah terrorists. Had its aversion to war been genuine, Amnesty would have responded as forcefully or even more vocally to the Georgian conflict. Were it truly concerned with the universality of human rights, Amnesty would apply the same standards to all countries. The writers are researchers at NGO Monitor.

2008-10-03 01:00:00

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