Israel Won't Move Without U.S. Approval

[Washington Post ] Yossi Melman - Recent leaks to the U.S. news media have created a wrong impression and sent a false message that an Israeli attack on Iran is imminent. No decision to attack Iran has been made in Israel. Israel will decide, if at all, to disrupt Iran's nuclear program only as a last resort after international diplomacy fails. More importantly, such a decision will be taken only after serious consultation with the American administration. Coordinating its actions with America is the key factor in all crucial Israeli decisions. This has been the Israeli practice since 1967. Israel launched its combat campaigns since then only after understanding that the U.S. either sanctions the military operation or has no objection to it or turn a blind eye. This was the case in June 1967 (Six-Day War), in June 1982 (First Lebanon War), and in July 2006 (Second Lebanon War). In two other cases Israel didn't respond as it had wished, fearing that the U.S. would be against it. In October 1973, Israel decided against a preemptory strike against Egypt and Syria. In January 1991 Israel didn't respond to the launching of 40 Iraqi Scud missiles against its urban centers. If the U.S. doesn't approve an Israeli military operation, Israel will not attack Iran. Period. We are still at least one year away from an Israeli realization that it has no other option but to attack Iran's nuclear sites. And even then it would only be after consulting with the next U.S. administration.

2008-07-03 01:00:00

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