Iran: Militant Challenges from a Common Enemy

[New York Jewish Week] Gary Rosenblatt - Israelis are well aware that Tehran, with its perilous mix of Islamic fundamentalism, quest for nuclear superiority and hatred of Zionism, represents an existential threat to the Jewish state. It's hard not to be aware of the situation when President Ahmadinejad keeps reminding the world of his pledge to wipe Israel off the map. Israeli leaders have been trying to focus Western attention on this looming threat, pointing out the dire consequences for all of the Mideast, and beyond, should Iran acquire a nuclear bomb. So far, efforts to convince the international community to impose tougher sanctions have not been successful and Iran continues its feverish efforts to prepare a nuclear warhead. One senses that Americans see the danger as once removed rather than directly affecting them, but that is a mistake, since a nuclear Iran would advance its quest to impose Islam on the Mideast and could easily provide its deadliest weapons to its surrogate terror groups, Hizbullah and Hamas, enflaming the region.

2008-10-31 01:00:00

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