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June 16, 2017       Share:    


Israeli "Eye in the Sky" Drone Can Watch 80 Sq. Km. in Real Time

(Daily Mail-UK) Cheyenne MacDonald - Israeli defense-tech firm Elbit Systems will unveil the SkEye WAPS drone system at the 2017 Paris Airshow. The "eye in the sky" drone camera can zoom into multiple regions of interest while still recording the surrounding area and capture high-resolution images of areas up to 80 sq. km. The system can show "back in time" footage within the coverage area and up to 10 individual regions can be analyzed at once. If the camera spots something unusual, it will alert commanders. "Elbit Systems' SkEye WAPS system is a game changer in homeland security missions, enabling forces to analyze and retrace the steps of terrorists and criminals in an extremely large area, providing them with timely and valuable data in life-threatening situations," said Bezhalel Machils, Elbit Systems' President & CEO.

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