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June 7, 2017       Share:    


Israel Capitalizes on Expertise in Counter-Terrorism

(Financial Times) John Reed - Israeli defense companies are selling expertise in tackling terrorist threats to police, governments and other clients in cities around the world. "Israel has some advantages in homeland security because of the very severe threat it faces, and the very tight circles between military people and the industry," says Amir Rapaport, publisher of Israel Defense, a trade magazine and website. "Israel's industry has all kinds of solutions including sensors, data fusion systems and other software, drones, and ground systems." Israel's defense exports last year reached $6.5bn, $800m more than in 2015. State-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, the country's largest defense group, offers similar security packages fusing equipment such as drones and cameras with intelligence gathering, cyber security and command-and-control technology to track down terrorists, smugglers or illegal immigrants.

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