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January 10, 2017       Share:    


Netanyahu: Israel Taking Steps to Deal with Terrorists

(Jerusalem Post) Herb Keinon - During a visit with wounded soldiers from Sunday's truck-ramming attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Israel is working on three different planes to deal with Palestinian terrorism. The first is defensive: expanding physical barriers at bus stops and hitchhiking posts in the West Bank and Jerusalem. "This has already saved lives, and yesterday the directive was given to expand this even more in Jerusalem," he said. The second is preventive intelligence - to identify these situations in advance. The third is the quick response by soldiers and civilians. Meanwhile, Israel Radio quoted a Palestinian Authority security source as saying the PA arrested an ISIS-affiliated man in Hebron who planned to carry out a car bomb attack in Israel. In addition, the PA is said to have arrested 22 Islamic State-affiliated and Salafist men as a precautionary measure after Sunday's Jerusalem terror attack, fearing that they could carry out attacks against Israel or the PA.

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