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June 17, 2016       Share:    


Can an Orlando-Style Attack Happen in Israel?

(Al-Monitor) Ben Caspit - An incident like the June 12 massacre in Orlando, in which a terrorist armed with an automatic weapon succeeds in reaching a crowded space and kills dozens of civilians, is a nightmare scenario for Israel's security establishment. A high-ranking Israeli security source told Al-Monitor: "When it comes to these kinds of attacks, the main difference between the situation in Israel and the situation in the United States is the availability of guns." In America, anyone who wants to commit an attack with mass casualties can go to a gun store and buy a submachine gun, just like Omar Mateen did. In Israel, firearms are heavily supervised. Obtaining a pistol license is a complicated and painstaking process. The only option left for Palestinians is to obtain a weapon on the black market or acquire a homemade gun.

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