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June 7, 2002

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Terrorists Shop by Credit Card
    Christian Science Monitor reporter Warren Richey, who visited Jordan following the Sept. 11 terror attacks, paid for his breakfast by credit card at a hotel in Amman. Having furnished his name, card number, and expiration date, Richey found that on the same day he returned to the U.S., someone had used his card to place a $3,100 order for two Russian-made night-vision rifle scopes and a more high-tech miniature night-vision scope. While the order was initially refused because it exceeded the single-purchase limit on the card, a scaled-down version of the same order was submitted a month later and was accepted.
    Then Richey's colleague, Monitor Jerusalem correspondent Nicole Gaouette, who had visited Amman a few weeks later, had eaten at the same hotel restaurant and paid by credit card, discovered a charge in her name for a $1,800 US-made night-vision scope with infrared capability that was sent to an address in the United Arab Emirates. (Christian Science Monitor)

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523 people have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists since September 2000
List of names by date
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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  • Sharon Weighs Arafat's Expulsion
    How far Prime Minister Sharon can go may be determined by what President Bush tells him in a meeting scheduled for Monday in Washington. Under pressure from Arab leaders, Bush is unlikely to give the green light to act against Arafat directly. But as one Israeli analyst said, Israel's actions and Arafat's future may depend "on how red the red light is." (New York Times)
  • Israel Mourns Latest Terror Victims
    Israeli newspapers were filled with the faces of those killed in Wednesday's bus bombing in northern Israel. Alongside heart-rending pictures were summaries of the victims' lives and ambitions, cut short by the bombing. (JTA)
  • White House Working to Nail Down Mideast Plan
    A senior official said President Bush and his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, were leaning toward outlining parameters or a timetable for a final peace settlement that would follow proposals under discussion before negotiations broke down. However, Dennis Ross, President Clinton's special Middle East negotiator, said that pressing for agreement on a final settlement now was unrealistic. (New York Times)
        Israel Radio reported a statement by a high-ranking National Security Council official that Bush has no peace plan and that the administration is continuing to focus on the nature of Palestinian institutions.
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  • Terrorist Sniper Murders Israeli Youth
    Erez Rund, 18, of Ofra, was shot in the chest by a Palestinian sniper who ambushed a vehicle yesterday afternoon in Samaria. Four bullets hit the car, and the terrorist fled to a nearby village under Palestinian control. (Jerusalem Post)
  • Palestinian Poll: No Disarming the Militias
    Over 1,000 adults were asked: "If the Palestinian Authority orders Fatah Tanzim and other organizations to hand over their weapons for confiscation or destruction, what should they do?" Hide their weapons - 50.1%; Do nothing 37.8%; Hand over their weapons- 12.1%. (IMRA)
  • Palestinian Terror Groups Filling in IDF Trenches
    Palestinian militias are using tractors to fill in the trenches the Israel Defense Forces excavated along the Green Line, thereby enabling booby-trapped cars to enter Israel, said a senior IDF officer. The system was discovered after the IDF uncovered a Palestinian plan to drive a fuel tanker laden with hundreds of kilograms of explosives into Tel Aviv and blow up a skyscraper. (Ha'aretz)
  • Suicide Bomber Recants
    Zeidan Zeidan, 18, a Palestinian suicide bomber, was only moderately wounded when his explosive belt malfunctioned near Megiddo junction in early May. Recovering under guard in a hospital room he shares with recent Israeli terror victims, he now counsels other youth to think twice before they go out on suicide missions. "Today I understand that this was a mistake," he says. (Yediot Ahronot)
  • Global Commentary and Think Tank Analysis (Best of U.S., UK, and Israel):

  • Why Wait to Expel Arafat? - Editorial
    The impression is that our leadership is waiting for a strategic terror attack with multiple casualties in order to expel Arafat. But we ought to ask ourselves if there is any point in waiting. (Maariv)
  • Changing the Palestinian Leadership - Editorial
    There are now tangible signs that most Palestinians have tired of Mr. Arafat's misrule and would welcome a fundamental reform provided that the new leadership did not look as if it had been placed there at the behest of the Israelis. (London Times)
  • Confronting Pro-Palestinians on Campus - Gary Rosenblatt
    As pro-Israel students were handing out literature at Ohio State University, pro-Palestinian students, dressed as Israeli soldiers, ran up to passers-by and pretended to shoot them. The leader of the major pro-Palestinian group on campus is a Jewish student, the daughter of a rabbi. (New York Jewish Week)
  • A Practical Peace Plan - Shlomo Ben-Ami
    The Palestinian Authority is not only corrupt and inefficient, but has also become the umbrella, or the camouflage, for a plethora of armed militias, terrorist gangs, and Islamic fundamentalists bent on destroying any chance for peace and stability. The international community, led by the U.S., needs to map out a specific plan and bring about peace by coaxing and nursing the sides into accepting it. (The author is a former Israeli foreign affairs minister who led the negotiations at Camp David and Taba.) (Financial Times)
  • "Peacemaker" Mubarak Should Visit Israel - Kenneth Jacobson, ADL
    President Mubarak should prove his commitment to peace by working to prevent terrorism and controlling anti-Semitism and anti-Israel incitement in the Egyptian media; and he should pay a long-overdue visit to Israel. (New York Times - Letter to the Editor)
  • Age Limit - Laurence Grafstein
    While there may be an internal Palestinian debate over the appropriate age of the designated killer, all parties agree that shooting a 5-year-old Israeli through the head on the West Bank is just fine. (New Republic)
  • Talking Points:

    Wake Up, Europe -- You're Next

    In a CNN interview not broadcast in the U.S., bereaved Israeli mother Chen Keinan warns Europeans that they will be the next victims of terrorism, while the CNN anchor grills EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana and reporters slam British media anti-semitism. Some excerpts:

    • Chen Keinan witnessed the brutal murder of her 15-month-old daughter, Sinai, and her mother, Ruth, in a homicide bombing in Petah Tikvah: "Do you have a mother that you love? Then close your eyes and try to imagine them without a scalp. That's the last sight I saw of my daughter. On the pavement, no scalp, in a puddle of blood."
    • Lior Keinan (Sinai's father): "What we Israelis know today, Europeans will know tomorrow, because every country in Europe has its minorities, and one day, it will come." Chen Keinan: "Israelis are like the canary in a coal mine."
    • Chen Keinan: "It's all about education. I was never taught to hate. Even now, I can't hate. I wish I could, it would have helped me, but I can't. They are raising a generation of kids that are brought up on hate."
    • CNN Anchor Zain Verjee: "Mr. Solana, while you say you understand the suffering of the Israeli people, the European parliament voted for trade sanctions against Israel. The Council for Europe is calling for sanctions. There are petitions circulating all across Europe to boycott Israelis."
    • David Horowitz, Jerusalem Report: "I have read articles in the British press that question Israel's right to exist. At the height of the Jenin controversy, three of the most serious British newspapers quoted on their front page the same Palestinian eyewitness, who was lying, who talked about Israel executing 30 people and burying them in a mass grave. On the same day you had politicians standing up in the British parliament and making hysterically critical comments about Israel."
    • Tom Gross, journalist: "Last August, after a particularly horrible suicide attack on a pizzeria in Jerusalem in which a number of children were killed, two days later the London Observer ran a cartoon entitled 'The Scar of David' and had pictures of dead Arabs lying by a pizzeria instead of dead Jews."

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