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May 15, 2002

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Palestinian Reform: Focus on the Security Services
    President Bush emphasized on May 8, the importance of a new "unified security force" for the Palestinians. A new Palestinian security force is particularly vital so that the Palestinian Authority can implement its security obligations and prevent terrorism.
    Israel found documents proving that Palestinian security services had regularly collaborated with terrorist organizations: the General Intelligence Apparatus of Tawfiq Tirawi in the West Bank worked with Tanzim, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas. Intelligence personnel actually carried out attacks, and procured and transferred arms for these organizations.
    For more details, see Involvement of Arafat and PA Officials in Terrorism, prepared by a team headed by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Dani Naveh.

Useful Reference:

Israeli Washington Embassy Report: Saudi Arabia Supports Terrorism
    The Saudi Arabian government has contributed $135 million to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers.

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  • "Greedy Monsters" Ruled Church
    The Palestinian gunmen holed up in the Church of the Nativity seized church stockpiles of food and "ate like greedy monsters" until the food ran out, while more than 150 civilians went hungry, according to an account by four Greek Orthodox priests who were trapped inside. Catholic priests said that some Bibles were torn up for toilet paper, and many valuable sacramental objects were removed. "Palestinians took candelabra, icons and anything that looked like gold." (Washington Times)
  • Gaza's Children Worship Martyrdom
    In Gaza's funerals for "shaheeds," or martyrs, and in Palestinian rallies, children as young as three or four are outfitted with combat fatigues, masks and toy guns. Walls are covered with graffiti glorifying 'martyrs' killed in attacks on Israelis. "The climate in Gaza gives the impression that being a martyr wins respect," said Fadl Abu Hein, a child psychologist. (Washington Post)
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  • Turkey: Iran Starting Production of Shihab-3 Missile
    Iran has carried out a successful test of its Shihab-3 1,300-km-range missile and has decided to start production, according to Turkish intelligence. Iran now plans to produce at least 150 of the missiles, which are capable of dropping a one-ton warhead on Israel. Israeli officials estimate Iran has an arsenal of at least 20 Shihab-3s, which are based on a North Korean design. Iran is also preparing to test its 2,000-km Shihab-4 soon. (Jerusalem Post)
  • Saudis Deny Freezing 9/11 Bank Accounts
    Saudi Arabia has categorically denied freezing any bank accounts, either of individuals or corporate entities, on suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing since the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States, according to Muhammad Al-Jasser, vice governor of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. (Arab News (Saudi Arabia)/
  • Kuwaiti Daily: The End of the Arafat Show
    Arafat has no choice but suicide or resignation. Otherwise, the play will continue indefinitely, for the Israelis won't kill him because he is a part of their strategy which calls for him to preside over the summit of the destruction of the Palestinian people. (Al-Watan (Kuwait)/MEMRI)
  • Global Commentary and Think Tank Analysis (Best of U.S., UK, and Israel):

  • Arafat's Victory Tour
    An editorial in yesterday's New York Times claims that "Yasir Arafat, leaving Ramallah for the first time in five months, did not call for more 'martyrs.'" The Jerusalem Post notes that "during visits in Nablus and the Balata refugee camp, Arafat was warmly received when he declared that the Palestinians are prepared to sacrifice 'millions of martyrs for Palestine.'" (
  • Why Israel's War on Terrorism is Working - Jonathan Chait
    Trying to protect Israel from suicide bombers by dampening Palestinian despair, rather than fighting terrorism directly, is like safeguarding your house by trying to give every potential burglar in town a well-paying job rather than installing an alarm. The Palestinians may never really accept Israel's right to exist, but they may make peace if they conclude that destroying Israel is impossible. (Slate-MSN)
  • Nine Wars Too Many - Thomas L. Friedman
    Some Palestinians, and Mr. Arafat is among them, have not abandoned hope of establishing a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza today -- through diplomacy and armed struggle -- and a Palestinian state in pre-1967 Israel tomorrow -- through a baby boom and securing the right of return of millions of Palestinian refugees. So let's cut the nonsense that the only thing that all Palestinians want is an "end to the Israeli occupation." I wish that were true. (New York Times)
  • Why They Fight - Because It Works - Charles Krauthammer
    The conventional wisdom says there is no military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet historically, most conflicts are either settled, or decisively altered, by test of arms. Arafat's forces were everywhere defeated. The change on the ground has led to a change in psychology. Some Palestinians are beginning to ask where Arafat's war is leading them. The fire will cease in the Middle East not when a piece of parchment is signed (remember Oslo?) but when the Palestinians conclude that they are no longer winning. (Washington Post)
  • Not Friend or Foe - Daniel Pipes
    The Saudi kingdom's rulers see themselves as leaders of the billion or so Muslims worldwide and the vanguard of a movement that eventually will vanquish and replace Western civilization, which they dismiss as corrupt and doomed. This outsized ambition derives in part from the Saudi state being "protector of the two holy places," the cities of Mecca and Medina. In part, it emerges from Wahhabism, the extremist vision of Islam that predominates in Saudi Arabia. (New York Post)
  • Jordan's King Abdallah Calls for PA Reforms
    Jordan's King Abdallah envisions a Palestinian state with a transparent government and a transparent judiciary, speaking at the opening of the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington. (Brookings Institution) According to Yedioth Ahronot -- Roni Shaked and Itamar Eichner -- King Abdallah recently criticized Arafat harshly, saying: "He is not interested in stopping terrorism."
  • Talking Points:

    From Prime Minister Sharon's Address to the Knesset, May 14, 2002

    In my talks in the U.S., I made it known that Israel wants to enter into peace negotiations and will do so as soon as two basic terms for the establishment of a genuine peace process are met:

    • The complete cessation of terror, violence and incitement.
    • The Palestinian Authority must undergo basic structural reforms in all areas -- security, economic, legal and social -- while maintaining complete transparency and organizational responsibility.
    Whoever wants peace must understand that there is no choice -- there can be no peace with a corrupt, rotten and dictatorial regime of terror. It must be a different Authority!

    When these two basic terms are met, we will be able to enter into a settlement in stages:

    • A lengthy intermediate stage in which relations between us and the Palestinians will be determined.
    • Afterwards, after we see how the Palestinians build their society and self-governing administration, after we are convinced that they are for a true peace -- then we will be able to advance toward discussions on determining the character of the permanent settlement between us and them.

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