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May 10, 2002

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In-Depth Issue:

The Involvement of Arafat and PA Officials in Terrorism -- An Official Report
    In January 2002, Fatah Secretary-General Marwan Barghouti wrote in his own handwriting to Yasser Arafat requesting payment of "a thousand dollars for each of the fighter brethren." Israel has verified that the 12 "fighter brethren" on Barghouti's list were Fatah operatives from Tulkarm involved in lethal attacks against Israelis. Arafat cut Barghouti's request to $350 for each terrorist, and then put his signature in Arabic on the Barghouti document approving payment. Thus, Arafat indisputably knew that he was financing terrorist attacks.
    For the entire report prepared by a team headed by Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Dani Naveh, click here.

Arafat - A Democratically Elected Leader?
    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, writing recently in the New York Times, referred to Yasser Arafat as the democratically elected leader of the Palestinians. On January 21, 1996, Arafat was elected President of the Palestinian Authority with 88 percent of the vote, defeating Samiha Khalil, a 72-year-old grandmother.
    What is less known is that Arafat's term of office expired three years ago, and he has never stood for reelection.
    The Oslo II Accord specifies in Ch. 1, Art. III, Para. 4: "The Council and the Ra'ees [President] of the Executive Authority of the Council shall be elected for a transitional period not exceeding five years from the signing of the Gaza-Jericho Agreement on May 4, 1994."

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  • Israeli Forces Move Toward Gaza
    Israeli forces prepared today to launch an assault on the Gaza Strip in response to a suicide bombing Tuesday, massing tanks and issuing emergency call-up notices to army reservists. Shimon Peres, the dovish foreign minister, defended the widely expected offensive. "We have to hurt the people who send the suicide bombers; we have to hit the explosives labs." (Washington Post)
  • Hamas Holds Advantage in Gaza Campaign
    An operation in Gaza will likely be more intensive than the recent campaign in the West Bank. Hamas -- Israel's identified target -- enjoys broad popular support among the more hard-line and radical Gazans, and its operatives are well trained in guerrilla tactics and countermeasures. (Strategic Forecasting)
  • Palestinians Leave Church of Nativity
    After several delays, Palestinians began to file out of the besieged Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem at 7 a.m. Friday morning. Cyprus said it would "keep for a few days" the 13 Palestinian terrorists wanted by Israel before they are dispersed to other countries. (New York Times)
  • Weapons Stockpile Found in Palestinian Negotiator's Home
    Israeli troops discovered dozens of weapons, rockets and ammunition in the home of Palestinian Legislative Council member Salah Ta'amari, who headed the PA team negotiating the release of hostages at Bethlehem´┐Żs Church of the Nativity. (Ta'amari, a PLO veteran, was the model for the PLO military commander in John leCarre's spy novel The Little Drummer Girl.) (Media Line)
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  • Why the Siege of Arafat was Lifted - Ze'ev Schiff
    Bush's insistence on Sharon lifting the siege on Arafat was based on information obtained by U.S. intelligence that Sharon was determined to break into the compound and arrest or liquidate the assassins of former tourism minister Rehavam Ze'evi and nab Arafat and expel him from the territories. The Americans were concerned that something might go wrong in the operation, and Arafat might get killed in the process. (Ha'aretz)
  • Rallying for Israel
    900,000 Jews and non-Jews in 94 cities throughout the world have participated in solidarity rallies on behalf of Israel during Operation Defensive Shield, while one and a half million individuals signed petitions identifying with Israel. (Jewish Agency for Israel/IMRA)
  • Jerusalem Day
    Jerusalem was awash in blue and white yesterday as a subdued but determined city remembered its historic reunification 35 years ago. Thousands of flag-carrying youths marched to the ramparts of the Old City and on to the Western Wall, while other marches and celebrations were held downtown to mark the holiday. (Jerusalem Post)
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  • On Hating Israel - Victor Davis Hanson
    By any fair measure the Israeli government is light-years ahead of the Arab world in terms of racial and religious tolerance. Privately, Arabs would concede that they are treated far better in Tel Aviv than any Jew would be now in Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, or Amman. The truth is that Westerners' support or hatred for Israel increasingly tell us far more about ourselves than they do about the real situation in the Middle East. (National Review)
  • Bush's Diplomatic Quagmire - Jed Babbin
    President Bush has been receiving a lot of bad advice, but none worse than the idea that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be resolved before the war on terror can proceed to its next target, Iraq. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an artificial one, manufactured by nations such as Iran, Syria, Iraq and others who are our enemies in the war on terror. It's time to put the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the back burner where it belongs. (Washington Times)
  • Deconstructing Yasser - Amir Oren
    This week George W. Bush allowed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to shrink Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to his true dimensions. (Ha'aretz)
  • How Arafat Fits Into the Arab World - Lisa Anderson
    Since the moment of his election as the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Mr. Arafat has given every indication of wanting to join the ranks of the Arab rulers. He shows no aspirations to be an institutional innovator. For better or worse, he seems to have taken the negligent despotism of his colleagues among the Arab regimes as his model. (New York Times)
  • Bush Administration Considers Middle East Options - David Makovsky
    As President Bush meets with foreign leaders and considers his options, there is a noticeable change in the administration's Middle East public focus away from a virtually exclusive September 11 counterterrorism agenda. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
  • Why the Saudis Cheated on America - Jamie Glazov
    U.S. intelligence sources have confirmed that, at this very moment, Saudi Arabia is spending millions of dollars to help al Qaeda and Taliban fighters escape American justice. The Saudi-American love affair is over. The sooner the Americans face it, the safer Americans will be. (Front Page Magazine)
  • Talking Points: The Gaza Terrorist Center

  • Headquarters for Hamas and its leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin
  • Base for arms manufacturing, including bombs, mines, mortars, and rockets
  • Port of entry for extensive arms smuggling such as the Karine A weapons ship
  • Extensive smuggling of weapons and drugs from Egypt via tunnels
  • Daily attempts by terrorists to infiltrate Jewish settlements
  • Launching pad for mortar and rocket attacks on Israeli communities
  • Daily attacks on Israeli border outposts and border crossings