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May 6, 2002

The Washington Rally for Israel
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    How Did Your Congressman Vote on Israel?
        On May 2, both houses of Congress voted to support Israel in its fight against terrorism.
        The Senate voted 94 to 2. Read the Congressional Record debate (206k). View the rollcall vote list.
        The House of Representatives voted 352 to 21. Read the debate (105k). View the rollcall vote list.

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  • Twenty Facts about Israel
  • Myths & Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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  • Evidence of Arafat's Personal Support for Terror
    As Prime Minister Ariel Sharon arrived in Washington to meet with President Bush, the Israeli government released a 103-page report detailing Yasser Arafat's personal support for terrorism. Recently captured documents bear Arafat's signed approval for funding to those who carried out terrorist attacks against Israel. (Washington Post)
  • Pentagon Objects to U.S. Peacekeepers
    Senior Pentagon officials oppose a State Department proposal for the deployment of U.S. troops to serve as peacekeepers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, saying U.S. military personnel are stretched and the American presence would draw attacks from Islamic insurgents. (Middle East Newsline)
  • Condoleezza Rice: Palestinians Deserve Better Leadership
    The kind of leadership [that] the Palestinian people deserve is one that is not corrupt, that doesn't cavort with terrorists, and that is democratic, transparent, and respects human rights. We're going to start demanding of the Palestinian leadership that it become a kind of leadership that can really do for the Palestinian people what they need done. (Fox News)
  • Secretary of State Powell Meets the Press
    The only way you're ultimately going to solve the crisis in the Middle East is for these two peoples to find a way to live side by side, in peace and security, respecting one another, with good relations between the two. (NBC)
  • Palestinian Cultural Heritage
    An Israeli official recently showed a senior American diplomat in Tel Aviv a videotape that demonstrated techniques for making homemade bombs to blow up buses. It was found at an Islamic elementary school in the West Bank city of Nablus in a file marked "Palestinian cultural heritage." (New York Times)
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  • European Union Finances Terrorism
    The Palestinian Authority used tens of millions of dollars it received from the European Union to finance terrorism. Hundreds of Fatah activists operating in the Fatah's military wing, the Tanzim, and the Aksa Martyrs Brigades, were in fact being paid by the EU's $9 million monthly transfers to the PA. (Jerusalem Post)
  • Pressure Grows for PA Reforms
    Pressure is mounting from within the PA and the international community to reform the PA, its institutions, and security services, as the U.S. and Western donor states get ready to finance the rebuilding of PA institutions and security services. (Jerusalem Post)
  • Global Commentary and Think Tank Analysis (Best of U.S., UK, and Israel):

  • Man of Peace - William Safire
    Any future agreement must be based on performance, not promises. That would require provisional, interim agreements, dependent on peaceful behavior. (New York Times)
  • Rage and Reason
    Can Sari Nusseibeh Replace Yasser Arafat? - Lee Remnick is doubtful (New Yorker)
  • Washington Misled: Saudi Arabia's Financial Backing of Terrorism
    New documents uncovered from Palestinian offices directly link Saudi Arabia with financial backing of terrorist attacks against Israel. Unless Saudi Arabia ceases all assistance, direct or indirect, for acts of international terrorism, it cannot play any role to stabilize the Middle East and advance Arab-Israeli peace. (Jerusalem Center)
  • Kofi's Choice - Charles Krauthammer
    After UN Secretary General Kofi Annan named Cornelio Sommaruga, former head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), to investige the "Jenin massacre," it was recalled that Sommaruga refused to accept the Star of David as the Israeli Red Cross Symbol, saying, "If we're going to have the Shield of David, why would we not have to accept the swastika?" Annan's spokesman then claimed Sommaruga's words were taken out of context -- but were they? (Weekly Standard)
  • Talking Points: Saudi Arabia, U.S. Ally in the War on Terrorism?
  • The Saudi regime consists of Crown Prince Abdullah and his ruling family of 4,000 princes; it is not a democracy.
  • Saudi Arabia is a country with no freedom of press or speech or religion, no political parties, no trade unions, no movie theaters.
  • The Saudis have yet to provide the United States key information about September 11. Fifteen of the 19 terrorists responsible for the acts of war perpetrated against the United States were from Saudi Arabia.
  • The Saudis have told the United States that it may not use Saudi bases to stage an attack upon Iraq. And they have joined with other Arab countries in agreeing to consider an attack upon Iraq as an attack upon themselves.
        From The Saudi Gambit: The House of Saud wants conflict in Israel and peace in Iraq - by Terry Eastland (Weekly Standard)

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