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White House

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Trump Hosts Israeli Leaders Who Call His Peace Plan Historic2020-January-28
Trump: "Without the Palestinians, We Don't Do the Deal"2020-January-28
Arab World Not Following PA in Rejecting U.S. Peace Plan2020-January-28
Trump to Unveil Middle East Peace Plan to Israeli Leaders on Monday2020-January-27
Palestinians Rebuff White House Attempt to Speak to Abbas 2020-January-27
Vice President Pence: We Must Stand Strong Against the Leading State Purveyor of Anti-Semitism - Iran2020-January-24
U.S. to Release Middle East Peace Plan Next Week 2020-January-24
U.S. Won't Lift Iran Sanctions Before Talks 2020-January-13
U.S.: Iran More Likely to Negotiate Now2020-January-13
U.S. Details New Sanctions on Top Iranian Officials2020-January-13
3 Hours from Alert to Attacks: The Race to Protect U.S. Forces from Iran Strikes2020-January-10
White House: Iran's Campaign of Terror Will No Longer Be Tolerated2020-January-09
Soleimani's Death Weakens Iran2020-January-08
White House: Eliminating Soleimani Should Have Been Done Long Ago2020-January-06
White House Explains How Its Anti-Semitism Executive Order Will Work in Practice2019-December-20
U.S. Anti-Semitism Official: Harassment Is Not Free Speech2019-December-19
Executive Order on Anti-Semitism Continues the Civil Rights Legacy of Martin Luther King 2019-December-16
U.S. President Explains Executive Order: "We Will Not Permit Anti-Jewish Bigotry"2019-December-13
Protecting America's Most Targeted Minority Is a Moral Imperative 2019-December-12
Why Was the New Executive Order on Campus Anti-Semitism Necessary?2019-December-12
Kristallnacht without Jews 2019-November-08
ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Killed in U.S. Raid in Syria 2019-October-28
Iraqi Intelligence Penetrated Baghdadi's Family2019-October-28
White House Insists U.S. Didn't Give Turkey a "Green Light" to Kill Kurds in Syria2019-October-08
U.S. to Step Aside for Turkish Assault on Kurds in Syria 2019-October-07
U.S. to Bar Entry to Senior Iranian Officials2019-September-26
Netanyahu Denies Israel Planted Spy Devices near White House2019-September-13
Israel Blasts Report It Planted Spy Devices near White House as "Fake News"2019-September-13
Israel Keeping the Jordan Valley Aligns with U.S. Peace Plan2019-September-11
Trump Tells Macron Sanctions on Iran Not to Be Lifted at this Time2019-September-06
U.S. Mideast Peace Envoy Jason Greenblatt to Step Down 2019-September-06
U.S. Officials: We Fully Support Israel's Right to Self-Defense Against Iran's Regional Campaign of Violence 2019-August-30
The Iran-Israel War Is Here 2019-August-28
U.S. Removes Turkey from F-35 Jet Fighter Program 2019-July-18
White House Says Trump, Netanyahu Discussed Iran2019-July-12
PA Weighs Ending Its Boycott of U.S. 2019-July-09
Kushner: Palestinians Let Down by Their Leaders2019-July-04
Netanyahu Says U.S. President Knew in Advance of Israel's Iran Archive Mission2019-July-03
The Bahrain Conference: What the Experts and the Media Missed 2019-July-02
U.S. Officials Attend Unveiling of Ancient Road to Jewish Temple in Jerusalem2019-July-01
In Bahrain, U.S. Tries to Promote Mideast Peace through Prosperity2019-June-26
Kushner in Bahrain: Deal on Economic Pathway Vital for Middle East Peace2019-June-26
U.S. Unveils $50 Billion "Economic Vision" for Palestinians in First Part of Peace Plan2019-June-24
U.S. Working on Additional Covert Plans to Counter Iranian Aggression2019-June-24
The U.S. and Its Allies Can Still Make Iran Blink 2019-June-24
Egypt, Jordan and Morocco to Attend U.S. Peace Plan Conference in Bahrain2019-June-12
Assad Survives Thanks to Iranian Oil - and Egyptian Consent2019-June-12
U.S. Tells Russia It Backs Israeli Airstrikes in Syria as Long as Iran Stays2019-June-03
Pompeo Says Iran Attacked Tankers to Help Raise Oil Prices 2019-May-31
Abbas Is Ready to Reject Peace Plan, But Not for the Consequences2019-May-31

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