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Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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What Martin Luther King Thought of Israel 2020-January-22
Iraqi Protesters Clash with Iranian-Backed Militias in Wake of Soleimani's Killing2020-January-14
How Soleimani's Killing Could Make a Stronger Iraq2020-January-08
Soleimani's Popularity Is Largely Limited to Iran2020-January-08
Obstacles Still Facing Israel's Leviathan Gas Field 2020-January-01
Implications of Turkey's Pivot to Tripoli2019-December-27
Shifting Perceptions among the Shia in Lebanon 2019-December-20
Poll: Opposition Muslim Brotherhood Has Little Support in Jordan2019-December-17
Poll: Lebanese Groups Split over Support for Hizbullah, Ayatollah Khamenei2019-December-05
The Decline (and Fall?) of the "Fourth Persian Empire"2019-November-27
Hizbullah's Campaign Against UNIFIL2019-November-22
The Counter-ISIS Coalition Has Much to Do after Baghdadi's Death 2019-November-12
Polling Insights on Iraq's Shia Revolt2019-November-11
Iran's Deadly Diplomats2019-November-08
America's Continuing Presence in the Middle East 2019-November-01
Egypt's New Commercial Border Crossing with Gaza 2019-October-24
Russia, Turkey Reach Deal to Remove Kurdish YPG from Syria Border2019-October-23
Iran Is Losing the Middle East, Protests in Lebanon and Iraq Show2019-October-23
Turkey's Syria Offensive Puts Alliance with U.S. near Breaking Point2019-October-18
Iran and Its Proxies Build Up Strength in Northeast Syria 2019-October-17
Tal Abyad: Achilles Heel of the Syrian Kurdish Belt 2019-October-10
How the Syrian War Shifted Attitudes towards Arab-Israeli Rapprochement2019-October-08
Guidelines for Israel's National Security Strategy2019-October-04
Prospects for Israeli-Palestinian Peace2019-September-27
Operating in the "Gray Zone" to Counter Iran 2019-September-20
A Credibility Test for U.S.-Saudi Defense Relations and Iran Deterrence2019-September-17
Survey Shows Palestinian Reconciliation with Israel Still a Distant Dream 2019-September-12
The North Korean-Israeli Shadow War2019-September-10
Mideast Peace Deal Doesn't Depend on Departing Envoy2019-September-06
Israel's "Campaign between Wars" to Counter Iran's Malign Regional Influence 2019-September-05
Poll: Half of Palestinians Don't Support Special Payments to Prisoners2019-August-27
The Men Responsible for the AMIA Bombing in Buenos Aires Are Known and Still at Large 2019-August-16
Poll Shows Gazans More Moderate than West Bankers on Some Issues 2019-August-13
Hizbullah's American Sleeper Cells: Waiting for Iran's Signal to Strike U.S. and Israeli Targets 2019-August-05
New Palestinian Poll Reveals "Wait And See" View of Trump Peace Plan 2019-July-30
Growing Hizbullah Presence near Israel's Border Leads to Uptick in Israeli Responses2019-July-26
Iran across the Border: Israel's Pushback in Syria2019-July-26
Countering the Hizbullah Threat to Israel 2019-July-09
Khamenei Will See Sanctions on Him as a Direct Challenge to the Revolution2019-June-28
In Bahrain, U.S. Tries to Promote Mideast Peace through Prosperity2019-June-26
China's Middle East Policy: Speak Softly and Wave a Large Purse2019-June-21
Iran's Elite Defense Force Finds New Funding Sources2019-June-18
Ayatollah Khamenei Warns of Using "Military Tools" to Beat the U.S. 2019-June-18
Moscow's Track Record in Syria Suggests It Is Unable and Unwilling to Keep Iran Out 2019-June-14
Egypt's Ramadan Soap Operas Contradict Sisi's Outreach to Israel2019-June-10
A Profile of the Palestinian Youth Generation2019-June-06
Tensions Grow between Russia, Iran in Syria 2019-May-28
The Problem with the U.S.-Backed Opposition outside Iran 2019-May-24
"No War, No Negotiation" Is Iran's Stance2019-May-22
Israel Presses the Case Against Iran, But Not for War2019-May-17

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