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U.S. State Department

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U.S.: Israeli Settlements Are Not Illegal2019-November-19
Legal Expert: U.S. Announcement on Israeli Settlements Does Not Close Door on Peace2019-November-19
Pompeo: U.S. Will Continue to Lead Fight Against ISIS2019-November-15
U.S. Opposes New EU Label Rule for Israeli Settlement Products2019-November-14
Erdogan Guards Attacked U.S. Secret Service in Washington in 2017, New Documents Show 2019-November-11
U.S.: The World Must Address Iran's Nuclear Escalation2019-November-08
U.S Iran Worst State Sponsor of Terror2019-November-05
U.S. Wants to Strengthen Anti-Islamic State Coalition after Baghdadi Death 2019-October-29
The Dark Night of Anti-Semitism in Turkey 2019-October-24
Some Uncomfortable Truths about U.S. Policy in Syria 2019-October-23
Pompeo: U.S. Policy on Turkish Attack Hasn't Endangered Israel2019-October-17
U.S. Indicts Turkish Bank on Charges of Evading Iran Sanctions 2019-October-17
U.S. Sending 3,000 Additional Troops to Saudi Arabia 2019-October-15
U.S. Involvement in Syria Lacked Purpose, Objective 2019-October-15
Turkey's Erdogan Threatens EU with Wave of Refugees If It Doesn't Support Syria Offensive 2019-October-11
Drone Strikes Knock Out Half of Saudi Oil Capacity 2019-September-16
U.S. Says Iranian Tanker Transferred Oil Cargo to Syria2019-September-13
New U.S. Sanctions Target Terrorists Affiliated with Hamas, ISIS, Iran's Qods Force2019-September-11
Iran Is Trying to Blackmail the World for Billions2019-September-09
Hizbullah's Media Empire2019-September-06
U.S. Sanctions Iranian Space Agency2019-September-04
Israel Unveils Details of Iranian-Backed Missile Operation in Lebanon2019-August-30
U.S.: Israel Has the Right to Defend Itself and Prevent Iranian Attacks2019-August-26
Pompeo: U.S. to Act to Prevent Iranian Tanker from Delivering Oil to Syria2019-August-22
U.S. Warns Greece Against Hosting Iran Oil Tanker 2019-August-20
For Most Palestinians, the "Occupation" includes All of Israel 2019-August-20
U.S. Arranges Secret Talks between Israel, UAE over Iran2019-August-16
Israel Has Every Right to Block Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar2019-August-16
Eleanor Roosevelt and the Jewish Refugees She Saved: The Story of the SS Quanza 2019-August-16
U.S.-Israel Missile Defense Cooperation Tightens2019-August-14
U.S. Defense Department: ISIS "Resurging" in Syria 2019-August-08
U.S. State Department Strengthens Definition of Anti-Semitism: Don't Compare Israel to Nazis2019-August-07
ISIS Still Active in Syria2019-August-05
Pompeo: Iran Sanctions "Effective, and We Will Enforce Them Everywhere"2019-August-02
U.S. Envoys Accuse Iran of Profiting from Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2019-August-01
U.S.: Iran Has Long History of Malign Behavior2019-July-26
The Myth of Hebron's Shuhada Street 2019-July-26
EU Foreign Affairs Chief Nominee Downplays Iranian Threats to Annihilate Israel2019-July-25
Stabilizing Iraq Is the Key to Protecting the Gulf States 2019-July-25
Washington Should Wake Up to the Fact that Hizbullah Runs Lebanon 2019-July-23
U.S. Offers $7 Million for Hizbullah Agent Wanted for Argentina Attack2019-July-22
Israel Pushes Back on U.S. Report on Religious Freedom2019-July-09
The U.S. and Israel: A Friendship for Freedom 2019-July-09
U.S. Warns of Rise in Iranian Cybersecurity Threats2019-June-28
U.S. Calls to Unite Against Iranian Threat to Freedom of Navigation2019-June-19
U.S. Sending 1,000 More Troops to Middle East amid Tensions with Iran2019-June-18
Iran Faces Critical Problems in any Serious Military Conflict2019-June-17
The Palestinians Are Choosing to Fall Behind 2019-June-14
What Did David Friedman Say that Was New?2019-June-12
Iran Warns U.S. It "Cannot Expect to Stay Safe" 2019-June-11

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