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UNRWA Inflated Number of Refugees by a Factor of Four2018-September-05
Here's How Trump Can Bring Iran Back to the Table2018-August-31
U.S. Cuts $200 Million in Aid for Palestinians2018-August-27
Greek Warship Docks in Haifa2018-August-22
Does Israel Have a Strategy for Gaza?2018-August-20
The First Palestinian in Jerusalem's City Hall?2018-August-17
Israel's Unsung Humanitarian Mission Saved Thousands of Syrian Lives2018-August-17
Why Tel Aviv Is the World's New Startup Capital 2018-August-10
The Iranian Regime Is in Deep Trouble2018-August-08
Will Public Opposition in Egypt Block Proposed Railway Line from Israel? 2018-August-02
Uganda Government Hails Israel for Health Services 2018-August-01
Iran Is the Dominant Actor in Syria2018-July-27
Turkey's Rise Sparks New Friendship Between Israel and Greece2018-July-27
Time to Talk to the EU about NGO Funding 2018-July-27
From Mosquitoes to Blood for Soldiers, Bezalel Students Take Aim at World Woes 2018-July-27
Everything You've Heard about Israel's Nation State Bill Is Wrong2018-July-26
Gaza's Future Is Up to Hamas2018-July-24
Video: Transfer of Syrian White Helmets through Israel2018-July-23
Help Is at Hand for Palestinians. It's All Up to Hamas 2018-July-20
Why Iran Supports Palestinian Terror Groups 2018-July-20
Neutralizing the Gaza Powder Keg2018-July-13
Lawyers Vow to Fight Ireland's Discriminatory Anti-Israel Legislation2018-July-13
Israeli Spacecraft Aims for Moon Landing within Months2018-July-13
Israel's Gilat Lands Telecommunications Projects in Peru Worth $153.6 Million 2018-June-29
Israeli Tunnel Detection System Wins Israel Defense Prize2018-June-28
Telling the Truth about Hamas2018-June-22
U.S. Wants Gulf States to Invest $1 Billion in Gaza Economy2018-June-19
Iran Wants to Stay in Syria Forever2018-June-04
Gaza Militants Barrage Israel with Mortars and Rockets2018-May-30
Dozens of Mortars Fired from Gaza into Israel in Heaviest Barrage since 2014 War 2018-May-29
Why Britain Must Stand with the U.S. and Israel to Stop Iran from Creating a Shiite Empire2018-May-25
4th Century BCE Jewish-Minted Coins Unearthed in Jerusalem 2018-May-25
The Secret History of Israel's War Against Hitler's Scientists 2018-May-25
Defense Minister Lieberman: The Hamas Military Project Is a Failure2018-May-23
Why Has South Africa Fallen for Hamas' Deception? 2018-May-22
The Iranian Regime Lied about a Fatwa Banning Nuclear Weapons2018-May-08
Abbas Rewrites Jewish and Zionist History2018-May-02
Israel Says Secret Files Prove Iran Lied about Nuclear Program2018-May-01
Israel Reveals Much New information about Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program2018-May-01
Iran, Israel Play Down Prospects They'll Go to War over Syria2018-April-23
Why France Attacked Syrian Chemical Weapons Facilities2018-April-20
The African Holiday Village Run by Israeli Agents2018-April-20
New Israeli "Snake" Robot Is Lightweight, Small and Inexpensive 2018-April-20
Will Iran Respond to Israel's Operations Against Its Military Expansion in Syria, which Could Lead to an Iran-Israel War?2018-April-18
Video: The Pigeons that Helped Israel Win the War of Independence2018-April-18
Arab Ire at U.S. Jerusalem Move Unlikely to Spark Action 2018-April-17
Israel Moves to Block Iran's Military Presence in Syria2018-April-12
IDF Intelligence Chief Warns: Iran's Mideast Actions Growing Bolder since Nuclear Deal2018-March-27
Can the Iran Deal Be Fixed? And Should It Be?2018-March-22
Inside Israel's Secret Raid on Syria's Nuclear Reactor 2018-March-21

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