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Radical Islam

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PA Cracks Down on Hizb ut-Tahrir Islamists 2011-July-05
Hardline Arab-Israeli Imam Held in Britain 2011-June-30
The Transformation of Egypt 2011-June-13
Princes of Persia2011-June-03
Turkish Flotilla Passengers Joined Nakba Protest in Jordan 2011-May-31
The Arab Spring from a Counter-Terrorism Perspective2011-May-27
Israel Reopens Cairo Embassy 2011-May-18
Egypt's Revolution2011-May-13
The Unnatural Fatah-Hamas Agreement 2011-May-02
Why Syria Isn't Likely to See an Islamist Takeover2011-April-26
WikiLeaks: Palestinians with Terrorist Links Held in Guantanamo2011-April-26
The Widening War Against Sufism in Egypt 2011-April-15
The Future of Egyptian Politics 2011-April-14
YouTube Interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 2011-April-01
Is There an Iranian-Chavez Terror Network on America's Doorstep? 2011-March-21
Egypt Amends View of Islamists2011-March-11
An Arab World in Ruins or a New Regional Beginning?2011-March-09
The Radical Islamist Roots of the Frankfurt Attack 2011-March-04
Yemeni Cleric Joins Revolt, Urges Islamic State 2011-March-02
Bernard Lewis: Arab Upheaval a Mass Expression of Outrage Against Injustice 2011-March-02
Israel's Strategic Concerns over Upheaval in Egypt 2011-February-25
Egypt Gets Its Khomeini2011-February-22
Values, Emotions and Strategy on the Nile 2011-February-22
A Postcard from Israel2011-February-18
The Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood 2011-February-17
Arab Dictators and Radical Islam 2011-February-15
Rights Lawyer Convicted of Helping Terrorists2011-February-11
Israel's Never Looked So Good 2011-February-11
What Will Become of Israel If Mubarak Falls? 2011-February-10
The Future of Jordan 2011-February-09
Netanyahu: Egypt Could Fall into Hands of Radical Islamists 2011-February-08
Democracies Don't Happen Overnight2011-February-08
U.S. and Israeli Concerns Over Egypt 2011-February-08
The Egyptian Military and the Fate of the Regime2011-February-04
Key U.S. Military, Intelligence Assets Imperiled in Egypt2011-February-03
Israel on Shifting Sands2011-February-02
The Uprising in Egypt: An Initial Assessment2011-February-01
The UN Should Heed Israel's Carefully Documented Report on the Gaza Flotilla - Because It's True 2011-February-01
Obama Must Back Egypt's Regime, or Face a Disaster like U.S. Did in Iran 2011-February-01
Egyptian Chaos and the Palestinian Question2011-January-31
A Sudden Tear in the Fabric of the Arab World2011-January-17
Tunisia - Arab World's First Popular Uprising 2011-January-17
Will Freedom Come for Sudan's Slaves?2011-January-14
Book Review - Fatal Intersection: The Marriage of Islamic Fundamentalism and European Anti-Semitism 2011-January-12
Can Christianity Survive in the Middle East? 2011-January-07
Anti-Christian Drumbeat Loud before Egypt Attack 2011-January-05
Israel Says London Home to Hamas Hub2010-December-29
Who Needs Democracy?2010-December-17
Palestinian Authority Cracks Down on Mosques to Promote Moderate Islam 2010-December-16
Terror: The UK's New Christmas Export 2010-December-15

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