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Peace Process

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Obama's Parting Betrayal of Israel2016-December-27
The Dangers of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016)2016-December-27
U.S. May Back Additional UN Security Council Moves Tied to Paris Peace Conference2016-December-26
Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem2016-December-22
How to Build Middle East Peace: Why Bottom-Up Is Better than Top-Down 2016-December-16
Palestinian Poll: 2/3 Demand Abbas' Resignation2016-December-14
Netanyahu: In the Middle East, -the Weak Don't Survive-2016-December-05
U.S. Officials: Obama Leans Against Last-Minute Action on Israel2016-December-01
Danon: Israel Has Real Friends in the U.S-2016-November-11
Celebrating One Hundred Years of the Balfour Declaration2016-November-11
Israel Opposes French Initiative, Won't Attend International Conference in Paris2016-November-08
Obama Shouldn't Tie His Successor's Hands on Israel-Palestinians2016-October-26
U.S. Promised Not to Change UN Resolution 2422016-October-21
Who Is Misreading Reality?2016-October-11
Issues in the Presidential Election: Israel 2016-October-07
How Arafat Distorted the Oslo Process 2016-September-30
Shimon Peres Was Israel's Quintessential Zionist2016-September-29
A Palestinian State Free of Jews? 2016-September-23
Discussion of Settlements a "Marginal" Part of Obama-Netanyahu Meeting 2016-September-22
A Message of Strong, Long-Term U.S. Support for Israel at a Time of Massive Regional Turbulence 2016-September-16
Why Palestinians Should Support "Normalization" with Israel2016-September-16
The Significance of a Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting in Moscow 2016-September-09
The Decay of the Syrian Regime Is Much Worse than We Think2016-September-01
Russia Has No Plans to Host Palestine-Israel Summit2016-August-31
Defense Minister Lieberman: Abbas' Corrupt Reign Main Bar to West Bank Development 2016-August-31
Israel Seeks to Boost the Palestinian Economic Sector in the West Bank2016-August-23
The Meaning of an Olympic Snub2016-August-16
Ten False Assumptions Regarding Israel2016-August-16
Hamas: Vote for Us or Burn in Hell2016-August-15
Egypt Increases Efforts toward Israeli-Palestinian Peace2016-August-05
The Curious State Department Announcement on Israeli Settlements2016-August-02
Netanyahu: Israel Is Building Alliances as an -Intelligence Superpower-2016-August-01
Sisi's New Approach to Egypt-Israel Relations2016-August-01
The Truth about "Settlement Growth" 2016-July-28
Israel's Foreign Ministry Chief: 2016-July-26
Palestinian and Sudanese Officials Discuss French Peace Initiative and Netanyahu Visit to Africa2016-July-22
Israel and the Arab World; As Arab States Warm to Israel, the Palestinians Feel Neglected 2016-July-22
The Coup in Turkey Reveals a Damaged Democracy2016-July-18
Jewish Baby Boom Alters Israeli-Palestinian Dynamic 2016-July-15
The Middle East Quartet's New Report Misses the Point2016-July-05
Presbyterians Providing Legitimacy to BDS? 2016-July-01
Quartet Report on Stalemate in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process Blames Both Sides 2016-July-01
Israel: Palestinians Are Responsible for Diplomatic Logjam2016-June-30
Netanyahu Meets Kerry in Rome2016-June-28
Israel Blasts Europe's "Colonialist" Peace Initiative 2016-June-22
European Nations Review Funding of Anti-Israel NGOs2016-June-17
Top Israeli Diplomat: Palestinian Conflict "Close to Bottom" of Sunni Arab Agenda2016-June-16
Kissinger: Mideast Turmoil Prevents Regional Peace Initiative2016-June-16
Netanyahu: Yes to Peace, No to Dividing Jerusalem2016-June-06
Why U.S. Diplomacy Can't Fix the Middle East 2016-June-06

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