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Peace Process

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Trump Peace Team Believes It Can Ride Out Arab Anger2017-December-08
U.S. President's Jerusalem Speech Shows that Time Is Not Working in the Palestinians' Favor2017-December-08
U.S. to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital 2017-December-06
Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, White House Confirms 2017-December-06
Israel Was Active Partner with Trump Team on Jerusalem Move2017-December-06
The U.S. Is Not Allowing the Palestinians to Control the Terms of the Peace Process 2017-December-06
U.S. Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Is a Positive Step 2017-December-06
Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Won't Undermine the Peace Process2017-December-05
Ten Reasons for Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel 2017-December-05
Saudi Journalists and Academics Speak Positively of Israel2017-November-28
The Palestinians Have Always Rejected a Two-State Solution 2017-November-24
Trump Repeating Kerry's Insistence that Palestinians Halt International Campaign Against Israel before Peace Talks2017-November-22
Waiting for Uncle Sam2017-November-21
Time for a Peace Process Paradigm Change?2017-November-21
The Saudis and Israel 2017-November-20
UN Extends Israeli Security Aid to Central African Republic Peacekeepers2017-November-15
Back to Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations? - Some Basic Truths2017-November-15
Knesset Sets Up Task Force to Keep EU Funds Away from Terrorists2017-November-14
Trump's Middle East Peace Initiative Still on Hold 2017-November-14
The "Palestinian Narrative" Is Based on a Falsified Version of History 2017-November-07
Can Hamas and the Palestinian Authority Reconcile in Gaza? Be Skeptical.2017-November-06
You Can't Analyze Israel without Understanding the Experiences of Its People 2017-November-03
Palestinian Unification Must Honor Palestinian Commitments 2017-October-16
Modern Islamic Warfare 2017-October-06
Netanyahu Agrees with Abbas on Disarming Hamas 2017-October-04
Trump Tries a New Tack on the Peace Process2017-September-26
Trump Told Abbas: We Need More Time to Formulate a Peace Deal2017-September-25
International Community Should Help the Palestinian People and Isolate Hamas2017-September-20
Netanyahu Says Trump Willing to "Fix" Iran Nuclear Deal2017-September-19
Former U.S. Mideast Envoy Dennis Ross: Saudis Could Lead Delegation to Israel2017-September-18
Why Legal Avenues to Mideast Peace Are Misguided2017-September-14
Dermer: Israel Hopes for "Dramatic Change" in U.S. Policy on Iran2017-September-13
U.S. Mideast Peace Envoy: PA Must Rule Gaza, Hamas Must Return Israeli Captives2017-August-31
U.S. Pursuing a Strategy of Quiet Diplomacy on Israeli-Palestinian Peace2017-August-29
For U.S. Mideast Negotiators, Keeping the Palestinians Involved Is a Victory2017-August-28
U.S. Asks PA to Halt Diplomatic Offensive Against Israel2017-August-28
EU Support for Palestinian Security Reforms Has Not Increased Prospects for a Democratic and Viable Palestinian State as Intended2017-August-16
Netanyahu: Israel Welcomes U.S. Envoys Kushner and Greenblatt2017-August-14
Palestinians Demand Confidence-Building Steps from Israel and U.S.2017-August-14
U.S. Policy on Regime Change in Iran 2017-August-11
How Terrorists Use Foreign Aid to Fund Terror2017-August-02
Haley Calls UNESCO Hebron Motion "an Affront to History," Says U.S. to Review Ties2017-July-10
Jordan's King Discusses Peace Process with Senior U.S. Officials2017-July-03
Pressuring the PA Is Key to Ending Terrorist Payments2017-June-28
Palestinians Predict Long Talks with U.S. before Launching Peace Negotiations2017-June-27
The Harm in Trying: The Downside of the Middle East "Peace Process"2017-June-27
Palestinian Policy Will Not Change2017-June-23
UN Envoy Condemns Jerusalem Attack: Terrorists Should Not Be Extolled as "Heroes"2017-June-19
When Palestinians Are Hopeless, Terror Declines; When Hopeful, Terrorism Increases 2017-June-16
Setting the Record Straight on Jerusalem2017-June-16

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