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Palestinian Media Watch

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Sky News Arabia Ignores that Deceased Palestinian Prisoner Was a Terrorist2019-September-13
PA Threatens "Religious War" over Netanyahu Hebron Visit 2019-September-06
PA Lauds Murderers of Jews in 1929 Arab Riots 2019-August-23
PA Initiated Clashes on the Temple Mount2019-August-15
UN Asks Palestinians to Explain Hate Speech, Anti-Semitism2019-August-14
Hebrew U. Bombers Paid $1,257,259 by PA 2019-August-02
UK Labour Party Anti-Semitism Is about Ideology 2019-July-19
PA Doubles Salary of Murderer of 3 Israeli Teens2019-July-11
PA Increases Salaries to Terrorists by 12 Percent Despite Financial Crisis2019-July-05
Why the PA Rejects the American Economic Plan2019-July-02
Fatah Calls for Violence Against Israel over Bahrain Economic Conference 2019-June-24
Fatah Calls for Violence Against Israel during Bahrain Conference 2019-June-20
How Many Major-Generals Does the PA Need?2019-June-14
FIFA to Probe Rajoub for Glorifying Terror, Inciting Hatred 2019-June-13
The Bahrain Conference Represents a Great Opportunity for Peace2019-June-11
Which Middle East Leader Showed 2019-June-04
Palestinian Security Forces Honor Arch-Terrorist Abu Jihad2019-May-31
The PA Financial Crisis Is Fake2019-May-22
Greenblatt: PA Can Pay for Health Care But Prefers to Pay Terrorists2019-May-20
Israel Will Not Be Forced to Pay for the Murder of Its Own Citizens2019-May-03
It's the PA that Declared War on Western Values 2019-April-19
Fatah Honors Palestinian Terrorist Murderer2019-March-21
Guardian Falsely Claims that Israeli Law Codifies Racism 2019-March-20
UNHRC Should Condemn the PA and Hamas for Abuse of Palestinian Children2019-March-19
PA TV Teaches the End of Israel2019-March-12
PA TV Uses International Women's Day to Glorify Female Terrorists 2019-March-11
Abbas' Legacy: Expanded Payments to Terrorists2019-March-05
Official PA Daily Launches Personal Attack on U.S. Middle East Peace Envoy2019-March-04
Is Abbas Behind the Tension on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem?2019-March-04
Palestinian TV Says Shopping at New Jerusalem Mall Is Treason 2019-January-22
Palestinian Conspiratorial Thinking as an Obstacle to Peace 2019-January-17
Fatah Calls to "Blow Up" Israelis 2019-January-08
Guardian Falsely Blames Israel for Shortages of Medicine in Gaza 2019-January-03
Fatah Leader: "Real Men Approach Death with a Smile"2018-November-30
Palestinian Children's TV - a World of Hate2018-November-21
Social Media and Satellite Television Strengthen Bonds of Arabs in Israel with the Arab World2018-November-19
What Would Other Countries Do When Faced with Thousands of Violent Rioters Attempting to Breach Their Border?2018-November-16
Why Are We Ignoring the Appalling Human Rights Crisis in the Palestinian Authority? 2018-November-02
Abbas Advisor: Islam's Religious War to Destroy Israel Has Started 2018-October-11
What's the Real Story Behind the Delayed Palestinian Mail?2018-August-24
PA Has Paid $294,332 to Jerusalem Pizza Bombers2018-August-13
PA TV Honors Terrorists Who Lynched Israeli Soldiers in Ramallah 2018-July-10
No Paying for Slaying 2018-July-06
Sky News Arabia Claims "110 Attacks" on Al-Aqsa Mosque and Ibrahimi Mosque in May2018-June-29
Abbas Advisor Condemns Hamas for Media Martyrdom - Sending Civilians to Die for Propaganda Purposes2018-April-09
Guardian Article on Terror in Cities Omits Israel2018-February-02
Guardian Corrects Op-ed: Ahed Tamimi Is No "Peaceful" Activist2018-January-19
From "Lone Wolf" to "Known Wolf": The Role of "Cultural Fuel" and "Personal Triggers"2018-January-09
Muhammad Ordered Kids to Throw Rocks at Jews, Says PA-Funded Magazine for Children2017-November-22
The Dishonesty of the "Palestinian Narrative"2017-November-14

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