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Khaled Abu Toameh

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PA Plans for Gaza Takeover 2004-December-22
Deciphering Post-Arafat Palestinian Politics 2004-December-17
Abbas Rejects Israeli Initiative to Resettle Palestinian Refugees2004-December-16
PA Refuses to Condemn Tunnel Attack2004-December-14
Palestinian Radical Groups in Damascus Turn Down Abbas's Call for Truce 2004-December-08
Fatah: Abbas is Our Only Candidate 2004-November-26
Arafat Signed Oslo Accords Hoping Jews Would Flee2004-November-24
Cairo Hudna Talks in Two Weeks2004-November-21
Suha to Receive $22m a Year from PA2004-November-12
Bir Zeit Students Look Past Current Leadership2004-November-12
Suha Heeds Warnings to Avoid Ramallah2004-November-12
Protest Tags Abbas, Dahlan as Traitors2004-November-11
Suha Arafat: Ramallah's Lady Macbeth2004-November-09
PA Salaries Paid as Usual, Without Arafat2004-November-04
Arafat Financed Aksa Martyrs' Brigade2004-November-02
Aksa Martyrs Brigades Demands PA Prime Minister's Removal2004-October-28
The Next PA Chairman 2004-October-27
IDF Using Killer Drones in Gaza2004-October-26
Fatah Leader: PA Forces are Private Fiefdoms2004-October-21
Palestinians Call for End to Armed Gangs2004-October-19
Anarchy Growing in Gaza2004-October-15
Ramadan Drama Documents Life of Hamas Bombmaker2004-October-14
Bombings and Kassam Rockets Hurt Support for Palestinians2004-October-13
Explosion Targets Arafat's Cousin in Gaza2004-October-13
Palestinians Voiced Support for Sinai Bombings2004-October-11
Palestinian Who Allegedly Sold Land to Jews Killed2004-October-08
Hamas Slams PA for Not Fighting IDF2004-October-04
Palestinians Shun Intifada Rallies2004-October-01
Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Commander Revealed as PA Security Officer2004-September-28
"If Saving Lives Means I'm a Traitor, So Be It"2004-September-24
Hamas Won't Stop Bombings2004-September-24
U.S. Blasts PA on Attack Probe2004-September-23
Palestinian Media Running Scared2004-September-22
Aksa Martyrs Close Down Arab American University2004-September-15
Palestinians Murder Suspected Collaborator2004-September-15
Hamas Leaders in Damascus Go Underground2004-September-06
Hamas Running in Palestinian Elections2004-September-06
PA Parliament Protests Arafat's "Empty Promises" 2004-September-02
PA Recently Released Beersheba Bomber2004-September-02
Palestinians Celebrate Beersheba Attacks2004-September-01
PA Suspects Hamas in Shooting of Security Official 2004-August-31
Palestinians Call for Kidnapping Soldiers 2004-August-27
Eight Hurt in Rival Fatah Clashes in Gaza2004-August-25
Gaza Residents Block PA Officials from Seizing Land2004-August-25
PA Security Forces Refuse Receiving Orders from Prime Minister2004-August-20
How the PLO Suppresses the News 2004-August-17
Dahlan: PA Finances, Arms Fatah Gangs2004-August-13
Reporters Warned Not to Cover PA Chaos2004-August-10
Palestinians Wound Four PA Intelligence Personnel in Gaza2004-August-05
Palestinian Gunmen Execute Two "Collaborators" in Hospital Beds 2004-August-03

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