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Khaled Abu Toameh

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PA Headed Toward Confrontation with Islamists2005-August-15
Islamic Jihad: Attacks Will Continue After Pullout2005-August-12
Gaza Militias Moving to West Bank2005-August-08
Abbas's Concerns for the Day After Disengagement2005-July-29
Mini-Uprising Against the PA?2005-July-18
Palestinian Legislators Urge PA PM Qurei to Quit2005-July-08
Gunmen Storm Dahlan's Wife's Hospital in Gaza2005-June-17
PA Won't Disarm Gunmen2005-June-14
Jihad Leader: "Calm" is Over2005-June-08
PA Security Forces Block Gaza Roads2005-June-02
Hamas Election Gains Upset Fatah2005-May-11
PA to Sound Siren to Protest Establishment of Israel 2005-May-11
Hamas Emerges as Political Force 2005-May-09
Voting Fraud Accusations in PA Election2005-May-06
Fatah Gunmen Storm PA-Controlled Tulkarm2005-April-18
Abbas Begins to Unify PA Forces 2005-April-15
The Honeymoon is Truly Over for Abbas 2005-April-04
Palestinians Warned Not to Collaborate with Hizballah2005-March-31
Hamas: Gaza Pullout is Victory for Intifada2005-March-25
Hamas Plans Show of Strength2005-March-22
Sharon: Cairo Arrangement a "Positive First Step" 2005-March-18
Unemployed Demonstrate Against PA2005-March-18
PA's $76,000 Audis Rev Up Public Outcry2005-March-18
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Deny Agreeing to Halt Attacks2005-March-10
PA to Review All Mosque Sermons2005-March-09
Who is a Saboteur?2005-March-08
A Cabinet of Technocrats 2005-February-25
PA Council Blocks "New Cabinet with Old Faces" 2005-February-22
Talking the Talk 2005-February-18
Wanted Hamas and Islamic Jihad Terrorists to Join PA Security Forces2005-February-16
Abbas Unfreezes Hamas Funds2005-February-15
Gaza Gunmen Beat Palestinian Journalists2005-February-15
A Bid to Create Momentum2005-February-03
Abbas, Qurei Dispute New PA Cabinet2005-February-02
Abbas Meets PA Security Chiefs to Discuss West Bank Cities 2005-January-28
Abbas Demands an Independent Media 2005-January-27
Israel Must "Pay" for Calm, Say Hamas, Islamic Jihad 2005-January-26
Aksa Martyrs Brigades Rejects Abbas's Offer to Join PA Security Forces 2005-January-18
Aksa Martyrs Brigades Murder Two More "Collaborators"2005-January-18
Israel: "It's All Words" 2005-January-17
Give Peace a Second Chance?2005-January-15
Hamas Calls for More Suicide Bombings2005-January-11
Abbas Wins 62% of Vote2005-January-11
Abbas Renews Pledge to Protect Wanted Terrorists2005-January-07
Fears Growing for Abbas's Safety 2005-January-06
Intifada Fatigue Among Palestinians, More Than Upcoming Elections, May Shape Events 2005-January-04
Interview with a Gunman 2005-January-03
New PA Security Force to Deploy in Gaza2004-December-29
Barghouti: Disengagement Is a Win for Palestinians2004-December-28
PA Court Sentences Suspected Collaborators to Prison, Not Death2004-December-23

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