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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Fatah Clamps Down on Hamas in Hebron 2008-November-04
PA Forbids Arab Residents of Jerusalem from Voting in Upcoming Municipal Election 2008-October-27
Kidnappers of Foreigners in Gaza Killed in Clan-Hamas Fighting 2008-September-17
PA Legislator Seeks to Reform Fatah 2008-September-02
Militants Take Control of Hamas Council 2008-August-29
Hamas Rejects Arab Deployment Plan for Gaza 2008-August-20
Prisoner Release Does Nothing for Abbas2008-August-19
Egypt: Rafah Border Crossing Closed until Israeli Soldier Freed 2008-August-15
Ex-Egyptian Envoy Spied on Israel 2008-August-15
Chief PA Negotiator Discounts Reported Peace Proposal2008-August-13
Why Abbas Doesn't Want Fatah "Refugees" in the West Bank2008-August-04
PA Appeals to World Bank for Cash to Pay Salaries 2008-August-01
Hamas-Fatah Fight Spreads to Mustaches 2008-August-01
Hamas Asks Egypt to Help Save "Mother of Martyrs"2008-July-25
Israel Government Press Office to Sanction Al-Jazeera over Party for Kuntar 2008-July-23
PA Wants Festive Funeral for Coastal Road Killer 2008-July-11
Abbas Meets Islamic Jihad Head in Syria2008-July-08
Egypt Threatens to Close Rafah Border2008-July-04
Hamas Hardens Stance Over Return of Abducted Israeli Soldier 2008-July-01
PA Warns: Islamic Jihad Plans Attack to Ruin Truce 2008-June-24
Israel Confirms Gaza Truce to Take Effect Thursday 2008-June-18
One Year after Takeover: Hamas Remains Popular in Gaza, Fatah Offers No Alternative2008-June-16
Arab Rivalries Delaying Cease-Fire 2008-June-13
Prime Minister Defends Jerusalem Construction 2008-June-03
IDF Considering Buffer Zone for Gaza 2008-May-27
Hamas, Abbas Hold Surprise Meeting in Ramallah2008-May-27
Hamas "Very Disturbed" over Syrian-Israeli Peace Talks2008-May-26
Gaza Cease-Fire Talks Collapse2008-May-23
Hamas: Truce Doesn't Mean End of "Resistance"2008-May-20
Palestine Is Ours, Cry Children on "Catastrophe Day"2008-May-16
Rice Meets Olmert in Jerusalem2008-May-05
Egypt Rewards Hamas for Accepting Truce Proposal2008-May-01
Hamas Disrupts Fuel Supplies to Gaza2008-April-28
Poll: Palestinians' Backing for Terror Rises2008-April-21
U.S.-Backed PA West Bank Security Plan Far from Success2008-April-18
Twenty Gazans Killed in Airstrikes after Three IDF Soldiers Killed in Hamas Ambush2008-April-17
Hebron University Shut Down after Fatah-Hamas Clashes2008-April-14
Fatah Veterans Fear "Young Guard" Coup2008-April-07
Arab-Israeli Journalist: Education on Peace Is the Key to Resolving Conflict2008-April-04
New PA Scandal Involves Peace Negotiator2008-March-31
PA Ousts Senior Abbas Adviser Caught Smuggling Phones 2008-March-25
PA Urges Palestinians Abroad to "Return" to Israel on May 14 2008-March-18
Fatah Military Wing Tells Abbas to Fire Fayad, Band with Hamas2008-March-14
Fatah Group Hails "Heroic" Jerusalem Attack2008-March-10
Hamas Using U.S. Weapons Against IDF 2008-March-03
PA Official: Talks on Jerusalem Taking Place2008-February-13
Egypt Grills Arabs Who Entered Gaza2008-February-11
Muslim Extremists from Egypt Poured into Gaza to Fight Israel2008-February-07
Egypt Nixes Hamas Call for Economic Alliance2008-February-04
Hamas Agrees to Joint Rafah Border Control with Abbas' Forces; Mubarak: Gaza Will Never Be Part of Egypt2008-February-01

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