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Khaled Abu Toameh

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The Hamas March to Destroy Israel2019-July-17
Why Palestinians Do Not Trust Their Leaders2019-July-12
Hamas Holds on to Power in Gaza2019-July-08
Poll: 80 Percent of Palestinians Believe Arabs Have Abandoned Them2019-July-05
Palestinian Businessman Who Attended Bahrain Economic Workshop: "I'm Afraid for My Life" 2019-July-02
Palestinians Condemn Arabs while Asking for Arab Money 2019-June-28
Corruption in the Palestinian Authority2019-June-21
Fatah Expels Mayor after Jews Attend Son's Wedding 2019-June-18
Arab States Pressuring Palestinians to Attend Bahrain Economic Workshop2019-May-24
Hamas and Islamic Jihad Vow to "Liberate Palestine" 2019-May-16
Palestinian Leaders and Inconvenient Truths2019-May-10
Palestinian Businessman Launches New Party2019-May-10
Abbas Asks Russia's Help over Terror Payments Crisis 2019-May-03
Hamas Arrests Gaza Comedian Who Protested Economic Hardship2019-April-25
Hamas Announces "Higher National Commission for Resisting the Deal of the Century" 2019-April-24
PA Moves to Block U.S. Peace Plan 2019-April-19
Palestinians Turn to Russia to Bypass U.S. Peace Plan2019-April-17
What Happens to Palestinians Who Demand a Better Life? 2019-April-12
How Palestinians Are Fleeing Lebanon2019-April-01
Gazans: Hamas Dragging Us into War2019-March-26
Both Hamas and Fatah Repress Their Political Opponents2019-March-22
Gaza Activists Call for Renewing Anti-Hamas Protests 2019-March-20
Fatah Spokesman in Gaza Has Arms and Legs Broken by Attackers2019-March-19
Six Palestinians Killed in New Zealand Terror Attacks2019-March-18
The "Anti-Hamas Intifada" in Gaza2019-March-18
Muslim Wakf to Start Renovating Golden Gate Site on Temple Mount in Jerusalem 2019-March-14
Palestinians Hurl Firebomb at Police Post on Temple Mount, Sparking Riot 2019-March-13
Abbas Appoints New Prime Minister; Hamas Won't Recognize New PA Government 2019-March-11
Palestinians: No Peace or Reconciliation with the "Infidels"2019-March-08
Clash Continues over Control of Temple Mount in Jerusalem 2019-March-06
Thousands of Palestinians Enter Closed Site on Temple Mount in Jerusalem 2019-February-25
After Warsaw Summit, Arabs Launch "Normalization is Treason" Campaign2019-February-18
Why Palestinians Oppose an Anti-Iran Coalition2019-February-14
U.S. Funding for Palestinian Security Services Ends2019-February-01
Preparing for Peace - The Palestinian Way 2019-January-29
Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza Receive Payments after Qatar-Hamas Deal 2019-January-28
Another PR "Victory" for Abbas at the UN 2019-January-16
Western Media Ignore Palestinian Tragedy in Syria2019-January-10
PA Halts Payments to Hundreds of Gazans 2019-January-08
Hamas-Fatah Tensions Rise2019-January-04
Palestinian-American Sentenced to Life in Prison by PA for Selling Property to Jews2019-January-01
Hamas: Silencing and Intimidating Critics2018-December-27
PA President Abbas Orders Reconstruction of House Demolished by IDF2018-December-17
The Hamas Plan to Take the West Bank 2018-December-14
Hamas: Armed Struggle Against Israel Will Continue2018-December-10
Abbas Orders Crackdown on Palestinians Who Sold Property to Jews 2018-November-27
Palestinian Leaders Have Radicalized Their People Against Any Peace Deal2018-November-23
Hamas Prefers to Preserve Achievements over All-Out War2018-November-14
Gaza Is a Separate Palestinian State2018-November-12
PA: No Change in Abbas' Stance toward Gaza Truce2018-November-09

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