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Khaled Abu Toameh

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Gulf States Working to Foil Palestinian Anti-Normalization Resolution at Arab League2020-September-07
Palestinian Professor Slams PA's "Overreaction" to Israel-UAE Deal2020-August-20
Denial over Coronavirus Leads to High Infection Rates in Arab Neighborhoods of Jerusalem2020-August-17
IDF Steps Up Efforts to Curb Coronavirus in Jerusalem's Arab Neighborhoods2020-August-03
Israel Demolished Hebron Car Dealership Showroom - Not "Covid-19 Testing Center" 2020-July-27
Coronavirus Hits Palestinian Refugee Camps in West Bank2020-July-16
Palestinians Reject EU Moves to Block Funding for Terror-Linked NGOs2020-July-02
Fatah Militia Enforcing Law and Order in Parts of West Bank2020-June-30
The Reasons behind Palestinian Political Apathy 2020-June-22
Will Palestinians React with New Intifada to Application of Israeli Law in Parts of West Bank? 2020-June-15
PA Works with Fatah Armed Groups after Ending Coordination with Israel2020-June-12
No Palestinian Leader Would Dare Negotiate with Israel 2020-June-09
Mahmoud Abbas' Strategy of Selective Compliance2020-June-02
Cameraman Who Criticized Palestinian Authority Fired from Associated Press2020-May-28
Abbas' Gift to Hamas and Iran2020-May-28
Palestinians Say Eating with a Jew Is a Crime2020-May-26
UAE Expresses Outrage Against PA for Rejecting Medical Supplies2020-May-25
Palestinians Doubt Abbas' Latest Threats to Renounce All Agreements with Israel2020-May-20
Fatah Gunmen Threaten Banks in PA2020-May-12
IDF Soldiers Work Together with Palestinian Volunteers in Eastern Jerusalem2020-May-07
Will Abbas Carry Out His Threat to Nix Agreements with Israel?2020-May-04
Coronavirus: More Palestinian Libels Against Israel2020-May-01
PFLP Terror Group Facing Bankruptcy2020-April-27
Nazareth Hospital Director: Coronavirus Is Opportunity for Arabs to Integrate2020-April-22
Saudi TV Series Depicting Jewish Life in Gulf Sparks Arab Outrage 2020-April-16
The IDF Battle Against Coronavirus in the Israeli Arab Sector 2020-April-14
Instead of Investing in Health Care for Gazans, Hamas Built Rockets and Attack Tunnels2020-April-10
PA Policemen Enter East Jerusalem Village to Halt Armed Clashes2020-April-01
Coronavirus Outbreak Changes Palestinians' Views on Cooperation with Israel2020-March-27
Israel, PA Deny Rumors about Coronavirus Cases among Palestinian Prisoners2020-March-20
Israel, Palestinians Cooperate to Combat Coronavirus2020-March-19
Israel Helps Palestinians Prevent Coronavirus 2020-March-16
Palestinians Revive Blood Libels as Israel Saves Their Lives2020-March-11
PA Legislative Council Member Arrested for Questioning Abbas' Mental Health2020-March-09
Israeli Election a Reminder of the Absence of Democracy under the PA and Hamas 2020-March-05
Israelophobia and the West: The Hijacking of Civil Discourse on Israel and How to Rescue It2020-March-02
Palestinians Condemn U.S. for Offering to Help 2020-February-25
Palestinian Backlash Against Meetings with Israelis Will Deter Future Attempts to Promote Dialogue2020-February-21
Why Arabs in Israel Do Not Want to Live in "Palestine"2020-February-21
Palestinian Officials Face Threats for Normalizing Ties with Israel2020-February-19
Ramallah Officials: Palestinians Won't Halt Security Ties with Israel, U.S.2020-February-05
Palestinians Fear Some Arab Countries Might Accept U.S. Peace Plan 2020-January-28
Palestinians Protest World Leaders' Visit to Jerusalem for Holocaust Forum2020-January-24
Why Some Palestinians Love Soleimani2020-January-17
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Criticized for Mourning "Murderer" Soleimani 2020-January-06
Palestinians Are Victims of Their Arab Brothers2020-January-02
Gaza Border Protests Suspended for 3 Months 2019-December-27
Why Does the International Community Support Hamas While It Seeks Israel's Destruction?2019-December-27
Iran's Plan to Foil a Gaza-Israel Ceasefire2019-December-20
How Palestinian Leaders Sabotage Palestinians' Interests 2019-December-09

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