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Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Why Are Relations with Chad Significant for Israel?2019-January-21
Israel Blasts Malaysia for Refusing to Admit Its Paralympic Swimmers2019-January-18
The Muslim Brotherhood Debate and Mubarak's 2018 Court Testimony in Egypt2019-January-07
France Is in a Deep Social Crisis and Is Powerless Against Terror2019-January-03
Video: The U.S. Withdrawal from Syria: Implications for Israel2019-January-01
Once Again, Palestinians Deny Any Jewish Connection to Jerusalem 2018-December-26
Setting the Wolf to Guard the Sheep: Electing the Palestinian Attorney-General to the ICC Nominations Committee for Judges 2018-December-26
Dore Gold Tells Italian MPs: Hizbullah Invented Suicide Bombings2018-December-25
Is the U.S. Withdrawal from Syria Premature? 2018-December-21
Video: Mahmoud Abbas Contradicts the Palestinian Narrative on Refugees2018-December-18
The Palestinian Claim to Statehood: An Open Letter to PLO Negotiator Saeb Erekat2018-December-17
Iran Is Using Lebanon, Syria and Gaza to Attack Israel2018-December-05
Video: Israel Launches Operation to Neutralize Hizbullah Terror Tunnels2018-December-05
Hizbullah's Operational Plan to Invade the Galilee through Underground Tunnels2018-December-04
Dore Gold: Give UNIFIL a Mandate to Clean Out Southern Lebanon2018-November-28
Netanyahu: Rouhani's Remarks Prove Need for Sanctions Against Iran2018-November-26
President of Muslim-Majority Chad Arrives in Israel2018-November-26
Saeb Erekat, Airbnb, and BDS2018-November-22
Is It Time to End the Temporary International Force in Hebron? 2018-November-19
Video: Khan al-Ahmar and the EU's Violation of Signed Agreements2018-November-12
Oman Is Israel's Link to the Middle East2018-October-31
Why Is the ICC Prosecutor Interfering in Khan al-Ahmar?2018-October-26
Developing Northern Sinai - A New Diplomatic Paradigm 2018-October-18
Khashoggi and the Jewish Question2018-October-12
Lara Alqasem: A Pawn in the PR Battle For and Against BDS2018-October-12
Prime Minister Netanyahu at UN: Israel Will Defend Itself Against Iran's Aggression 2018-September-28
Dore Gold: To Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Realism Is the Name of the Game 2018-September-17
Errors and Successes of the Oslo Agreement2018-August-31
Video: Jeremy Corbyn and the Resurgence of European Anti-Semitism - Amb. Dore Gold2018-August-29
Nasrallah Presents Hizbullah's Perception of Confrontation with Israel2018-August-24
Netanyahu Says He Has Not Given Up on U.S. Recognition of Israeli Control over Golan 2018-August-24
Is the International Criminal Court Becoming a Palestinian Propaganda Engine?2018-August-15
Video: Will the Trump-Putin Summit Lead to Some Pushback Against Iran in Syria2018-July-20
Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty on the Golan Heights 2018-July-17
Israel Condemns Irish Boycott Vote2018-July-12
Iran Threatens to Close Persian Gulf Oil Chokepoint 2018-July-05
How the PA Encourages Attacks on Israeli Civilians 2018-July-02
The Many Ways Palestinians Violate International Law2018-June-18
Dore Gold: A Deal on North Korea's Denuclearization Will Serve as a Precedent2018-June-13
The Palestinian Authority Sponsors Terrorism, and the Taylor Force Act Puts It Out in the Open 2018-June-08
Dore Gold: Why Would We Expect NATO to Help Us in an Iran War?2018-June-05
Russia Constrains Iran2018-June-04
Video: Hamas, Gaza, and the Rush to Judgment2018-May-25
Israel: Palestinian Referral to ICC Is Legally Invalid2018-May-23
Israel Rejects UN Human Rights Council Commission of Inquiry2018-May-21
Israel: "We Would Like to Believe Iran Is Led by Reasonable Leaders"2018-May-15
U.S. and Israel Aligned Against Iran2018-May-14
Hizbullah's Victory in the Lebanese Elections Completes Iran's Takeover of Lebanon2018-May-11
Video: The Iranians Are Going to Put All Their Illicit Weapons Development in Uninspected Sites2018-May-10
Manipulating the Truth about Gaza 2018-May-04

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