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Israel Defense Forces

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Israel to PA: Gaza Deployment Insufficient2005-February-01
Terror Attacks in Israel Thwarted2005-January-28
No Grace Period for Newly Elected Abbas 2005-January-27
Israel Willing to Halt Operations If Palestinians End Attacks2005-January-24
IDF: Significant Decline in 2004 Terror2004-December-24
Israel Apologizes after IDF Mistakenly Kills Three Egyptians Near Egypt-Gaza Border2004-November-18
NATO Invites Israel to Joint Exercises2004-November-18
America Should Not Placate Israel-Hating Terrorists2004-November-03
Iran Successfully Tests "Strategic Missile"2004-September-27
The Jewish General Who Beat Pakistan2004-September-10
Smuggled Weapons Still Reaching Hamas Despite Egyptian Moves2004-August-25
Iran Hints at Preemptive Strikes Against U.S., Israel2004-August-20
Mofaz Says Arafat All Smoke and Mirrors2004-July-20
The UN Handicaps Israel, Along with the Rest of Us2004-July-20
The Gaza Paradox 2004-May-28
Video Games Attract Young to Hizballah2004-February-27
Security Forces Nab "Terror Funds" in Ramallah Banks2004-February-26
IDF Establishes New Regional Brigade for Seam Zone Security 2004-February-11
Legendary Israeli Tank Threatened with Extinction2004-January-30
In Defense of a Fence 2004-January-02
Mofaz: Palestinian Suicide Bombers Still Trying to Strike Israel2003-December-16
Islamic Jihad, Tanzim Attacks Focus on Civilians2003-December-10
Arafat OK'd Suicide Bombings2003-November-14
Israel Warns of Terrorist Training Bases in Lebanon2003-November-14
Mofaz to Meet Senior PA Official Next Week2003-October-31
Saudi Arabia's Dubious Denials of Involvement in International Terrorism2003-September-22
Maj.-Gen. Gilad: Arafat Must Go2003-September-09
Fighting Terror2003-August-26
Women Shine in Israeli Army2003-August-22
Israeli Casualties Since the Proclamation of the Hudna2003-August-21
Arafat's Problematic Role in Mofaz-Dahlan Talks2003-August-20
IDF: Strategic Improvement May Not Last2003-August-01
Mofaz: Terrorist Groups Rebuilding During Ceasefire2003-July-30
Mofaz: Israel Nabs 3 Would-Be Bombers 2003-July-21
Mofaz: Israel Nabs 3 Would-Be Bombers 2003-July-21
Israeli Cabbie Feared Kidnapped by Palestinian Terrorists 2003-July-14
Mofaz Meets Dahlan in Jerusalem2003-July-07
No Further Withdrawals Without Dismantling Terror Groups2003-July-01
140 Qassam Rockets Fired Since September 2000 2003-June-27
Israel Cabinet Meets on Security Situation 2003-June-13
Declaring War on Hamas 2003-June-13
Strike Against Hamas Leader Protects Road Map 2003-June-11
Palestinian Terror Groups Filling in IDF Trenches 2003-June-07
Israel's 14 Comments on the Roadmap2003-May-26
Mofaz: Israel May Agree to a Limited Ceasefire2003-May-26
Sharon Gives Abbas a Chance 2003-May-20
A Race Against the Clock2003-April-25
Cabinet Briefed on Iraq, Palestinians2003-March-31
Sudden Revival for the Road Map2003-March-27
Despite Missiles on Kuwait, Israel Believes Threat Remains Low2003-March-21

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