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Israel Defense Forces

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IDF Arrests Palestinian Boy Smuggling Mortar Shell2005-October-20
Terror Groups Seek to Reignite the Fighting 2005-October-17
IDF Officer Dies from Wounds in January Terrorist Attack2005-October-17
Israel to Allow Ammunition to PA2005-October-10
IDF Leaflets Warn Palestinians: Don't Stay Near Terrorists2005-September-28
IDF Aims to End Rocket Threat2005-September-27
PA Weaker Than Ever 2005-September-26
IDF Kill Three Islamic Jihad Terrorists in West Bank 2005-September-23
IDF Buries Synagogue at Sa-Nur2005-September-20
Lax Control of Egypt-Gaza Border Raises Risks2005-September-19
Israeli Self-Defense System Takes Off in Britain2005-September-16
Last Israeli Soldier Leaves Gaza2005-September-12
Israel to Leave Gaza Synagogues Intact2005-September-12
The New Rules of the Game If Palestinians Fire Rockets 2005-September-09
Palestinian Legislator Convicted of Terror-Related Crimes Against Israel2005-September-05
Palestinian Legislator Convicted of Terror-Related Crimes Against Israel2005-September-05
Israel, Egypt Sign Philadelphi Route Agreement in Cairo2005-September-02
Israel, Egypt Sign Philadelphi Route Agreement in Cairo2005-September-02
Legal Acrobatics: The Palestinian Claim that Gaza is Still "Occupied" Even After Israel Withdraws 2005-August-26
Israel Closes Gaza Strip to Israelis as Disengagement Starts2005-August-15
Israel Insists on Gaza Border Presence2005-August-09
Mofaz: Jordan May Train PA Forces2005-August-05
Iran Achieves Solid Fuel Missile Breakthrough2005-July-28
IDF Plans to Leave Philadelphi Route in October2005-July-27
Islamic Jihad Terrorist Arrested2005-July-27
Palestinian Suicide Bomber Caught En Route to Tel Aviv2005-July-25
From London to Jerusalem2005-July-25
Combating Palestinian Rockets 2005-July-22
Two Islamic Jihad Terrorists Killed in West Bank2005-July-20
Israel to Patrol Northern West Bank After Pullout2005-July-13
Israel Reenters Tulkarm: Under PA Control, Town Became Islamic Jihad Refuge2005-July-13
IDF to Transfer Control Over Bethlehem to PA; Shooting Attacks on the Rise2005-July-11
Agreement Seen on Egypt's Redeployment at Gaza Border 2005-July-06
Another Boy Bomber Nabbed at Nablus Checkpoint2005-July-05
Palestinian Policeman Involved in Ramallah Lynching Arrested2005-June-30
Temporary Limitation of Entry to the Gaza Strip2005-June-30
IDF to Target Senior Islamic Jihad Leaders 2005-June-22
Sharon to Abbas: First End the Violence 2005-June-21
Sharon Briefs Knesset on Gaza2005-June-21
Jihad Operating at Full Steam 2005-June-21
The Third Intifada 2005-June-21
IDF Nabs Female Suicide Bomber at Gaza Crossing; Military Intelligence Head: PA "Doing Nothing" Against Terrorism 2005-June-20
Security Crossing Improvements in the West Bank2005-June-10
"The Enemy is Not Standing Before Us" 2005-June-10
Islamic Jihad Leader Killed in Jenin2005-June-08
Soldier Loses Eye in Anti-Fence Riot2005-June-06
Iran Tests Solid-Fuel Rocket Engine2005-June-01
IDF Chief of Staff Ya'alon: Palestinian State "Will Try to Undermine Israel" 2005-June-01
Hamas Man Killed in "Work Accident"2005-May-30
Unmanned Israeli Plane Hits Palestinian Mortar Crew2005-May-30

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