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International law

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Iran's Budgets Are Fiction 2017-March-17
Was the Balfour Declaration Legal?2017-March-17
Al-Qaeda Extremists Are Leading the Syrian Insurgency2017-March-15
The Centenary of the Balfour Declaration 2017-March-10
Why Did U.S. Veto UN Post for Palestinian Ex-PM 2017-February-15
Dershowitz Would Defend Israel in The Hague over Settlements Law2017-February-13
International Legal Expert: Criticism of Knesset's Settlement Law Is Unwarranted2017-February-10
Israeli International Law Expert: Yasser Arafat Promised Yitzhak Rabin that the Palestinians Would Negotiate the Final Status Issues2017-February-10
How Israelis See the Settlements2017-February-06
Are Israeli Settlements Illegal? 2017-February-02
UN Resolution Targets 250,000 Jews in Jerusalem2017-January-26
The Dangers of a Unilateral Israeli Withdrawal from the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem2017-January-24
Paris Peace Conference Ignored French Court Ruling on Israeli Settlements2017-January-19
The Paris Peace Conference Reveals the Ignorance of the International Community2017-January-17
UN Should Tell Palestinians to Give Up Claims to Israeli Territory 2017-January-13
Peace Index Poll: 69% of Israeli Jews Expect Trump to Be Friendly toward Israel 2017-January-11
Debunking Eleven More False Assumptions Regarding Israel2017-January-11
Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital - The U.S. Embassy Belongs There 2017-January-06
How the New U.S. Administration Can Negate the Anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution2017-January-03
On Israel, a Resolution to Repudiate2017-January-02
The Damage Done to Israel at the UN2016-December-30
Obama's Slap in the Face2016-December-30
Obama's Betrayal of Israel at the UN Must Not Stand2016-December-29
With New Resolution, the UN Drives Stake into Israeli-Palestinian Peace Hopes2016-December-29
Netanyahu: Arabs -Ethnically Cleansed- Jews from West Bank in 19482016-December-28
Why This UN Resolution Was Different 2016-December-28
From an International Law Perspective, This Is Not an Occupation2016-December-27
The Dangers of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016)2016-December-27
An Act of Diplomatic War?2016-December-26
UN Resolution Applies to Historically Jewish Areas in Jerusalem 2016-December-26
Abstention on Anti-Israel Vote a Disgrace, "U.S. Joined the Jackals at the UN" 2016-December-25
Video - Israeli Ambassador to the UN: We Overcame Evil Decrees during the Time of the Maccabees and We Will Overcome This Decree Today2016-December-25
Democratic Lawmakers Blast Anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution2016-December-25
UN Resolution Lets Palestinians Think They Can Bypass Israel Talks2016-December-25
President-Elect Stands Up for Israel2016-December-23
Anti-Israel Security Council Resolution Will Not Help Peace2016-December-23
The Challenge for the U.S. in Syria 2016-December-20
Golan Heights: From Annexation to Recognition 2016-December-20
Dershowit: Support for Israel Must Remain Bipartisan2016-December-15
Chilean Court Rejects War Crimes Suit Against Israeli Justices 2016-December-05
France Urges Labelling Goods from Israeli Settlements2016-November-25
Taskforce to Explore Outpost Regulation Based on Cyprus Model2016-November-22
Britain Can Be Proud of the Balfour Declaration2016-November-09
Obama Shouldn't Tie His Successor's Hands on Israel-Palestinians2016-October-26
European Governments Play Disproportionate Role in Funding Israeli Political NGOs2016-October-19
Myths about the "Conquest" of Jerusalem2016-October-14
Disputed Territories2016-October-11
New Zealand Academic Describes Gaza Flotilla as "Ship of Fools"2016-October-07
Why Revoking Tax Exemptions for Groups Supporting Jewish Communities in the West Bank Is Unconstitutional2016-October-07
How Arafat Distorted the Oslo Process 2016-September-30

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