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International law

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The Dangers of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016)2016-December-27
An Act of Diplomatic War?2016-December-26
UN Resolution Applies to Historically Jewish Areas in Jerusalem 2016-December-26
Abstention on Anti-Israel Vote a Disgrace, "U.S. Joined the Jackals at the UN" 2016-December-25
Video - Israeli Ambassador to the UN: We Overcame Evil Decrees during the Time of the Maccabees and We Will Overcome This Decree Today2016-December-25
Democratic Lawmakers Blast Anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution2016-December-25
UN Resolution Lets Palestinians Think They Can Bypass Israel Talks2016-December-25
President-Elect Stands Up for Israel2016-December-23
Anti-Israel Security Council Resolution Will Not Help Peace2016-December-23
The Challenge for the U.S. in Syria 2016-December-20
Golan Heights: From Annexation to Recognition 2016-December-20
Dershowit: Support for Israel Must Remain Bipartisan2016-December-15
Chilean Court Rejects War Crimes Suit Against Israeli Justices 2016-December-05
France Urges Labelling Goods from Israeli Settlements2016-November-25
Taskforce to Explore Outpost Regulation Based on Cyprus Model2016-November-22
Britain Can Be Proud of the Balfour Declaration2016-November-09
Obama Shouldn't Tie His Successor's Hands on Israel-Palestinians2016-October-26
European Governments Play Disproportionate Role in Funding Israeli Political NGOs2016-October-19
Myths about the "Conquest" of Jerusalem2016-October-14
Disputed Territories2016-October-11
New Zealand Academic Describes Gaza Flotilla as "Ship of Fools"2016-October-07
Why Revoking Tax Exemptions for Groups Supporting Jewish Communities in the West Bank Is Unconstitutional2016-October-07
How Arafat Distorted the Oslo Process 2016-September-30
Israel Upholds International Law in the Territories 2016-September-30
Major Elements of Violent Islamist Extremists Will Still Survive after the Defeat of ISIS2016-September-30
The Palestinians' Unsporting and Illegal Soccer War Against Israel2016-September-27
Jordanian King: U.S. Thinks It Knows Middle East Better than Its Residents 2016-September-26
A Palestinian State Free of Jews? 2016-September-23
Palestinian Demand to Uproot Jews in West Bank Is Unprecedented in History 2016-September-23
China's New Position on the Middle East2016-September-16
Ethnic Cleansing: Memories of 1929 and 1948 2016-September-16
At the UN, Only Israel Is an "Occupying Power"2016-September-14
Israel's Rights in the Territories under International Law2016-September-08
Israeli Expert: U.S. Acting as "Iran's Lawyer" 2016-September-06
Norwegian Government Joins Israel Boycott Funding Framework2016-August-30
Turkey Criticizes Israeli Response to Gaza Rocket Fire 2016-August-23
Our Responsibility as Third Generation Holocaust Survivors2016-August-23
Ten False Assumptions Regarding Israel2016-August-16
Islamic Group Hizbut Tahrir to Be Outlawed in Israel2016-August-10
Abbas and the Strategy of Falsehood2016-August-02
Why Critics of Israel's New NGO "Transparency Law" Are Wrong2016-July-15
International Funding for Salaries and Benefits to Terrorists2016-July-14
Israel-U.S. Ties Are Going to Get Stronger2016-July-12
Iran Sees Modest Economic Progress after Nuclear Deal 2016-July-08
The Importance of Interests in Israel-Turkey Reconciliation 2016-July-08
European Nations Review Funding of Anti-Israel NGOs2016-June-17
Israel to Head a UN Committee for the First Time2016-June-14
Don't Expect Much from the French Summit on Middle East Peace 2016-June-02
U.S. Officials: Primary Sanctions on Iran to Stay2016-May-26
Is Building Terror Tunnels a War Crime? 2016-May-24

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