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International law

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Dictatorships Require an External Conflict2004-February-10
Israel's Anti-Terror Fence: The World Court Case2004-February-10
EU Nations Oppose ICJ Hearing on Fence Case2004-February-02
The World Court Case on Israel's Security Fence: Legal and Policy Implications2004-February-02
Miami Suit Seeks $20 Million from Palestinians for Terrorist Acts2004-February-02
"Why Does It Matter What They Think in The Hague?" 2004-January-15
U.S. Shares Israel's Concerns about Fence Discussions in The Hague 2004-January-13
The Security Fence and International Law 2004-January-13
A Chance to Change the Agenda? 2004-January-09
Banned Arms Flowed into Iraq through Syria: Files Found in Baghdad Describe Deals Violating UN Sanctions2003-December-30
"Political Humanitarianism" and Medical NGOs2003-December-15
Balancing IDF Checkpoints and International Law: Teaching the IDF Code of Conduct2003-November-19
Saudi Cash Scrutinized by U.S. for Terror Ties2003-November-17
Islamic Charities' Frozen Assets Going to Legal Bills2003-November-04
The Islamic Terrorism Club 2003-November-04
U.S. Links Money Laundering, Terrorists2003-November-04
Adalah and the Impact of Legal-Based NGOs in the Arab-Israeli Conflict2003-October-31
Libel Tourism2003-October-24
How Aware is the Ford Foundation of the Way Its Funds are Being Used?2003-October-17
"We Feel Safer Here Than in Some American Cities"2003-October-17
Indict Arafat2003-October-17
U.S. Loses Interest in the Road Map2003-October-16
Palestinian "Democracy of the Gun"2003-October-14
Why is the State Department So Cozy with the Saudis?2003-October-13
International Law Does Not Permit Deliberate Targeting of Civilians2003-October-09
Has U.S. Military Been Infiltrated?2003-October-03
Charity Said to Have Paid Terrorists Is Under Investigation by the Saudis2003-September-26
The UN is Unable to Recognize Terrorism2003-September-23
State Dept. Official Warns of Iran Threat 2003-September-18
Should Israel Target Arafat?2003-September-17
Guidelines for IDF Officers in the Territories: Respect Palestinian Civilians and Use Common Sense2003-September-03
Not a Legal Right2003-August-29
Combating Terrorist Financing: Where the War on Terror Intersects 2003-August-15
Georgia Police Attend Counter-Terror Course in Israel2003-July-25
Sharon: Unauthorized Outposts to be Removed2003-July-22
Monitoring the Political Role of NGOs2003-July-22
Rutgers Puts Anti-Semitism on the Schedule2003-July-09
Calif. Elementary School Weighs UAE Sheik's $15,000 Gift2003-July-04
Clarifying How I Stand on Palestinian Sovereignty2003-June-30
Powell: Hamas No Partner for Peace2003-June-23
Powell: Hamas No Partner for Peace2003-June-23
How Europe Can Stop the Hate 2003-June-18
The Suicide Bombing Attacks in Saudi Arabia: A Preliminary Assessment2003-May-14
The U.S. and Israel: The Road Ahead2003-May-02
After Suicide Bombings, Israel Comes Knocking2003-April-25
The Ethical Code of the Israeli Army2003-April-21
French Families Accuse Arafat of Genocide in Paris Court2003-March-03
False Note - Editorial2003-February-28
Pentagon: Use of Human Shields is War Crime 2003-February-20

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