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International law

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Hamas' New Strategy Threatens U.S. Interests2006-March-17
Israel Ponders Legal Status of Jericho Terrorists2006-March-16
U.S.: Hamas Government Must Recognize Israel, Maintain Existing Agreements2006-March-15
Hamas Platform Calls for Continued "Armed Resistance"2006-March-15
Iran-PA Fund Transfers Hard to Stop2006-March-01
Pressing the Palestinian Authority Financially: Not as Easy as It Looks2006-February-24
Democracy Must Be Respected, But That Doesn't Make the Terror Group Respectable2006-February-20
Feeding at Saudis' Trough, Former U.S. Envoys Lobby for Kingdom2006-February-17
Political Islam: Forty Shades of Green2006-February-06
How Not to Help Hamas 2006-February-02
Boycotts Self-Defeating, Israel Conference Told 2006-January-27
"Defensible Borders Are Key to Israel's Safety"2006-January-24
The U.S. and Hamas2006-January-24
Bolton Scores UN on Stance Toward Israel2006-January-16
Is the Road Map's Moment Gone?2006-January-09
What to Do About the Kassam Rockets?2006-January-03
Persecuting the Holy Land's Christians 2005-December-27
Reining in Iran 2005-December-26
Let Iraq's Sunnis Chase Al-Qaeda Out2005-December-16
Why is Little Israel Being Left to Fight the World's War? 2005-December-13
Israel Says EU is Breaching International Terror Law2005-December-12
Gaza: Go Your Own Way 2005-December-02
Sharansky: Israel Has Aided Christians Against Islamic Violence 2005-December-02
Deadly "Stability"2005-November-15
Book Review: Danger from Iran2005-November-11
Baath Lite 2005-November-11
A Moment of Truth for Syria 2005-November-10
The ICJ Opinion on the Separation Barrier: Designating the Entire West Bank as "Palestinian Territory" 2005-November-07
Assad's Fate in U.S. Hands 2005-October-28
The UN Route for Syria2005-October-26
The Myth of International Law2005-October-21
Israel: Franklin's Trial Won't Affect Us2005-October-07
U.S.: Syria Not Doing Its Part to Fight Terrorism2005-September-27
Scapegoat to the World 2005-September-23
Palestinian Elections, Who's Allowed to Run, and U.S. Policy2005-September-23
Envoy: International Community Questions If Palestinians Are Ready for Statehood 2005-September-19
Israel's Supreme Court: West Bank Fence Is Legal2005-September-15
Bad Start in Gaza2005-September-15
Palestinian Looters Ransack Greenhouses2005-September-13
Who'll Control Gaza?2005-September-12
Lawlessness in Gaza Threatens All Prospects of Statehood2005-September-09
Israeli Government Insists on Dismantling Gaza Synagogues2005-September-09
Ragged Palestinian Forces Struggle to Secure Gaza2005-September-09
The New Rules of the Game If Palestinians Fire Rockets 2005-September-09
Gaza is Now Sovereign Palestine2005-September-06
The Status of Gaza: Now Who Takes the Blame?2005-September-02
The Status of Gaza: Now Who Takes the Blame?2005-September-02
Who Rules Gaza?2005-September-01
Who Rules Gaza?2005-September-01
Oslo Said It: Hamas and Elections Don't Go Together2005-August-25

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