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International law

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Israeli Forces Had a Right to Intercept the Mavi Marmara2010-August-20
Time to Leave the UN Human Rights Council 2010-August-19
"Wherever There Is Hizbullah There Is Iran"2010-August-16
Experts: No Legal Basis for Palestinian "Right of Return"2010-August-09
Turkish Jurist Criticizes Conduct of Flotilla Organizers 2010-August-06
Poll: Arab Majority Backs Nuclear Iran 2010-August-06
Gaza Documentary Rapped for Breaking Impartiality Rules 2010-August-05
Israel-Lebanon Tensions and the Hariri Assassination Investigation2010-August-05
Will the Palestinians Declare Statehood? 2010-July-29
New Goldstone Committee Head Charged with Bias 2010-July-26
Hitting Tehran in the Tank2010-July-23
Spanish Activists Sue Israeli Leaders 2010-July-23
UK May Curb Arrest Warrants for War Crime Suspects 2010-July-23
Rising Speculation about Bombing Iran's Nukes 2010-July-22
Israel to UN: More Gaza Flotillas Harm Peace Efforts2010-July-22
U.S. Court Fines North Korea for 1972 Terror Attack in Israel2010-July-21
The Legal Basis of Israel's Naval Blockade of Gaza 2010-July-19
UN Moves Forward to Implement Goldstone Report2010-July-15
The Danger of a Nuclear, Genocidal and Rights-Violating Iran 2010-July-14
Lawyers from 60 Countries to Sue Israel 2010-July-12
Israel: A Normal Country2010-July-09
Precision-Guided or Indiscriminate? NGO Reporting on Compliance with the Laws of Armed Conflict2010-July-09
Are Palestinians Building a State?2010-July-06
Israel's Foes Embrace New Tactics 2010-July-02
Could Jihadists Overthrow the Syrian Government?2010-July-01
Iran to Boycott Coca Cola, Intel and "Zionists"2010-July-01
A Kidnap Victim Held for Ransom2010-June-25
Israel Will Protect Natural Gas Finds2010-June-25
Hizbullah: Offshore Gas is Lebanese2010-June-25
A Flotilla of Demonization 2010-June-18
Support Israel: If It Goes Down, We All Go Down 2010-June-17
YouTube Removes "We Con the World" Video after Clip Gets 3 Million Views 2010-June-14
Israel Announces Gaza Flotilla Probe2010-June-14
The Prejudice and Double Standards of Israel's Critics 2010-June-11
Israel, U.S. Agree on Gaza Flotilla Probe 2010-June-11
Israel Awaiting U.S. Green Light for Internal Gaza Flotilla Probe2010-June-09
The Gaza Blockade and International Law2010-June-04
Israel Obeyed International Law2010-June-04
We Will Never Apologize for Defending Ourselves 2010-June-03
Israel Was Right to Stop Gaza Flotilla2010-June-03
Interception of the Gaza Flotilla 2010-June-03
Israel Was Right2010-June-02
Israel to UN: Flotilla Participants Not Peace Activists 2010-June-01
Another Rush to Judgment 2010-June-01
The Maritime Blockade of Gaza2010-June-01
The Seizure of the Gaza Flotilla2010-May-31
Law Expert: IDF Action in International Waters Legal2010-May-31
Turkish Relief Fund Involved in Gaza Flotilla Has Radical Islamic Orientation2010-May-28
Why Is There a Blockade on Gaza?2010-May-27
New U.S. Security Strategy Focuses on Terrorists at Home2010-May-27

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