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International law

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All Process, No Peace2010-January-22
Amnesia International: Forgetting the Real Culprits in Gaza 2010-January-21
Curbing the Manipulation of Universal Jurisdiction2010-January-20
Israel and the Illusion of International Justice2010-January-15
Israel's Right to Self-Defense2010-January-12
Cotler Heads Petition Drive to Stop Iran Threat 2010-January-08
Why Europe Remains Unwilling to Walk in Israel's Shoes2010-January-06
IDF Tightens Legal Supervision of Military Operations2010-January-06
To Conform to "International Standards" of Law, Israel Would Have to Lower Its Standards 2010-January-04
Fatah Vows to Escalate Struggle2010-January-01
Israel Extends Its Hand in Peace 2009-December-25
Israelis Seek Arrest of Hamas Leaders Abroad 2009-December-24
Preserving a Legal Inheritance: Jewish Settlement Rights in the "Occupied Palestinian Territories"2009-December-21
Hamas Aids Foreign Lawyers Trying to Prosecute Israelis2009-December-21
The Tzipi Livni Fiasco 2009-December-18
Israel's Leaders Are Not 2009-December-18
Those Who Seek Peace Cannot Stand Idly By as Nations Arm Themselves for Nuclear War2009-December-11
Israeli Settlements Are More than Legitimate2009-December-11
Using Stronger Sanctions to Increase Negotiating Leverage with Iran2009-December-07
Atomic Blast Detection Station Established Near Iran2009-December-04
The Illegal Settlements Myth2009-December-03
Muslim Countries Seek Blasphemy Ban 2009-November-20
PA Calls for Boycott of French Firms Building Jerusalem Light Railway2009-November-17
British Baroness Attacks Unions that Boycott Israel 2009-November-13
U.S. Silent in the Face of UN Israel-Bashers2009-November-12
The Campaign to Delegitimize Israel with the False Charge of Apartheid2009-November-12
A Blind Eye to Hamas Atrocities2009-November-06
Israel to UN: Gaza Report "Was Conceived in Hate and Executed in Sin"2009-November-05
Palestine's Missing Critics: Where's the Outrage for Ramallah's Atrocities?2009-November-03
The Goldstone Report - The Terrorists' Magna Carta 2009-November-02
Why Are the Laws of War Applied Only to Israel? 2009-October-28
The Goldstone Mission vs. the Peace Process2009-October-23
UN Council's Anti-Israel Agenda2009-October-23
Palestinians Denied Basic Rights and Citizenship by Their Arab Neighbors2009-October-23
A Moral Atrocity2009-October-22
China Opposes Referral of Goldstone Report to Security Council, International Court2009-October-21
Arab States' Crimes Against Palestinians2009-October-16
The Hypocrisy of "Universal Jurisdiction" 2009-October-08
U.S. Leaves Door Open for External Probe of Israel's Gaza Operation2009-October-05
Quartet Discards the Principle of Reciprocity in Israeli-Palestinian Agreements2009-October-02
Beware of Iranians Bearing Talks2009-October-02
Israelis Place High Value on Even One Life2009-October-02
UN Fact-Finding Mission: A Case of Politicizing the Law 2009-October-02
UK Court Rejects Plea to Arrest Israeli Defense Minister2009-September-30
Goldstone Report Ignored Israeli Evidence: 22009-September-30
When Everything Is a Crime 2009-September-25
China Now Supplying Iran with a Third of Its Gasoline Imports2009-September-23
UN Investigation of Israel Discredits Itself and Undercuts Human Rights 2009-September-17
Palestinians Call to Try Israeli Officials for "War Crimes"2009-September-17
UN Must Hold U.S. to Same Standard as Israel 2009-September-17

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