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International law

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Palestinians' War Crimes Case Against Israel Would Face Long Road2012-December-05
Palestinian Search for UN Status Will Undermine Hopes of Statehood2012-December-03
Legal Implication of the UN Resolution on Palestine2012-December-03
Human Shields - An Ever-Present Dilemma2012-November-30
Where Is Condemnation of Hamas Terror?2012-November-30
Abbas' UN Gambit Will Not Bring Peace2012-November-28
A Palestinian Flanking Maneuver 2012-November-27
Israel, Gaza, and Double Standards2012-November-27
The Status of "Palestine" at the UN2012-November-26
Gaza Crisis: The Legal Position of Israel and Hamas 2012-November-23
Israel's Right to Self-Defense Against Hamas 2012-November-18
The Debate over Gaza Tactics 2012-November-16
Palestinian UN Vote Could Challenge Israeli Control of Airspace and Territorial Waters2012-November-14
"Palestine" Does Not Qualify as a "State"2012-November-14
Searching for a Diplomatic Formula with Iran, U.S. Weighs an Expanded Offer2012-November-12
Turkey Should Be Placed on Trial, Not Israel2012-November-06
My Country Is Under Attack. Do You Care?2012-October-26
Setting Sail toward Conflict2012-October-19
Riots, Rage, Videos, and Free Speech2012-September-28
Netanyahu on Iran: "Imagine a Nuclear-Armed Al-Qaeda" 2012-September-28
ISM Used Activists as Terrorists' Human Shields2012-September-04
Egypt and the Peace Treaty with Israel2012-August-31
Defining Israel's Capital2012-August-30
Coverage of the Rachel Corrie Verdict2012-August-30
Egypt's Garbage Crisis 2012-August-28
Religious and Ethnic Strife on the Rise in Syria2012-August-24
Will the West Bank Become the Next Islamic Emirate?2012-August-17
Canada Must Fight Iranian Incitement to Genocide 2012-August-15
Reinvigorating the Discussion of Israel's Rights in the West Bank2012-July-27
Alawite Homeland in Syria a Political Fantasy2012-July-25
The Political Battle Over the 2012-July-20
Settling Truths2012-July-10
Iran Has No "Right" to Enrich Uranium 2012-July-09
Committee Report: "Israelis Have a Legal Right to Settle in the West Bank"2012-July-05
Iran Declares War Against the Jewish People2012-June-28
Falling Oil Prices Put Iran over U.S. Sanctions Barrel2012-June-27
Portents All Bad for Syrian Bloodbath 2012-June-18
Who Has Legal Right to Jerusalem?2012-June-15
What's at Stake with Egypt's Vote?2012-June-14
Iran Feels Sanctions Pain as Oil Income Slumps2012-June-12
Explaining Putin's Support for Assad2012-June-08
Why the Six-Day War Still Matters 2012-June-08
Amnesty Report Against Israel Written by Pro-Palestinian Activists2012-June-07
Targeted Killings and Double Standards2012-June-06
Syrian Defectors Accuse Assad Family of Ordering Crimes Against Humanity2012-May-29
Amnesty International Continues to Target Israel2012-May-24
Administrative Detention in the West Bank2012-May-15
Inciting Genocide Is a Crime 2012-May-02
Israel and the Struggle Over the International Laws of War2012-April-20
Palestinian Obstructionism 2012-April-18

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