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International law

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Argentina Prevents Iranian Terrorism Investigator from Testifying in Washington2013-July-10
International Criminal Court Weighs Probe of Israel over 2010 Marmara Raid 2013-July-09
Preconditions Have No Basis in Law or Fact2013-June-20
Indonesian Lawmaker under Fire for 2013-June-14
Human Rights Lawyer Anne Bayefsky Speaks at UN Human Rights Council 2013-June-13
Sykes-Picot and Israel2013-June-10
Labeling Settler Goods Misses the Mark 2013-June-07
Conflict Resolution through Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East2013-June-07
Manipulating International Law as Part of Anti-Israeli "Lawfare"2013-June-06
Canada's House of Commons Hosts Iran Accountability Week 2013-June-05
The Demise of the Middle East's Borders 2013-May-27
The Legality of Israeli Settlements 2013-May-24
Text of Israel's Report on the Muhammad al-Dura Video 2013-May-22
Will Assad Retreat to an Alawite Coastal Stronghold?2013-May-20
International Criminal Court Launches Inquiry into Israeli Raid on Gaza Flotilla2013-May-16
Iran to Chair UN Conference on Disarmament, U.S. Won't Attend2013-May-14
The Emerging Face of Lawfare: Legal Maneuvering Designed to Hinder the Exposure of Terrorism and Terrorist Financing2013-May-10
Egypt Condemns Israel over Reported Syrian Strikes2013-May-06
What Drone Critics Get Wrong2013-May-03
West Bank Construction and International Law 2013-May-03
The PA Threat of the International Criminal Court 2013-May-02
French Court: Jerusalem Light Rail Project Legal 2013-April-29
Reality Check: The Hazards of Optimism 2013-April-12
Report Warns of Hizbullah, Iran Threats in Balkans2013-April-12
Don't Misunderstand Khamenei's Nuclear Fatwa2013-April-04
Stopping an Undetectable Iranian Bomb 2013-March-27
Understanding the Current State of the Iranian Nuclear Challenge 2013-March-25
Between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Rachel's Tomb Frequently Under Siege2013-March-22
Biased, Prejudiced, and Unprofessional: The UN Human Rights Council Fact-Finding Mission Report on Israeli Settlements2013-March-18
Turkey, Israel and International Law 2013-March-15
Salafis Push for a Puritanical Egypt2013-March-14
Settlements Not Illegal under International Law2013-March-12
UN Human Rights Report Criticizes Palestinians2013-March-08
Turkey, the Unhelpful Ally2013-March-06
Palestinians Threaten to Boycott Sponsors of Jerusalem Marathon2013-February-25
Turkey Marmara Trial a "Cynical Political Process"2013-February-20
Fall of Damascus May Not End Syrian Civil War2013-February-12
The Bombers of Burgas2013-February-07
UN Human Rights Council Probe Ups Anti-Israel Atmosphere2013-February-01
Iran Braces for Full Force of U.S. Sanctions 2013-January-17
New Iran Sanctions Target Industry2013-January-07
Israel Presses Case for EU Ban on Hizbullah 2013-January-02
Syria Isn't America's Fault2013-January-02
Gaza: Palestinian Rockets Unlawfully Targeted Israeli Civilians2012-December-24
To the Media, Building Settlements in Israel's a Crime 2012-December-21
Proportionality and Self-Defense2012-December-20
The "Day After" Scenario in Syria2012-December-19
No Palestinian State Has Been Created2012-December-14
ICC Membership May Hurt Palestinians, Hamas More than Israel2012-December-06
The Palestinian UN Upgrade: Setting Things Straight2012-December-06

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