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International law

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Dutch Pension Fund Says No Reason to Boycott Israeli Banks2014-February-06
Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop's Stance on the Legality of Israeli Settlements Might Be Right2014-February-06
Evidence of "Industrial-Scale Killing" by Syria Spurs Call for War Crimes Charges2014-January-21
Over 1,000 Killed in Syrian Rebel Infighting2014-January-17
Australian Foreign Minister: Don't Call Settlements Illegal under International Law2014-January-16
The Changing of the Tide in the Syrian Civil War 2013-December-18
Schooling the ASA on Boycotting Israel2013-December-17
Israel's Legal Case in the West Bank2013-December-16
Why Is Saudi Arabia Buying 15,000 U.S. Anti-Tank Missiles for a War It Will Never Fight?2013-December-13
New EU-Morocco Fisheries Deal and Its Implications for Israel2013-December-10
In Iran, Human Rights Cannot Be Sacrificed for a Nuclear Deal2013-December-02
How to Strengthen the Interim Iran Deal2013-November-20
U.S. Moves to Clear Obstacles to Iran Nuclear Deal 2013-November-18
John Kerry Is Mistaken about Israel's Settlements2013-November-13
The Emerging Geneva Agreement with Iran 2013-November-12
Netanyahu Slams U.S. Offer on Iran Nukes2013-November-08
The United States and the Indivisibility of Jerusalem2013-November-07
White House Seeks "Legislative Flexibility" on Egypt Aid 2013-October-30
How the EU Funds Settlements in Occupied Territory - in Northern Cyprus 2013-October-04
The IDF Shines2013-October-04
Who Is Hassan Rouhani? 2013-October-03
Iran Staggers as Sanctions Hit Economy2013-October-01
Obama to UN: "We Will Not Tolerate the Development or Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction"2013-September-25
Don't Hold Your Breath for Syrian Chemical Weapons to Be Destroyed2013-September-18
President Obama Addresses the American People on Syria2013-September-11
White House Girds for Battle with Congress over Syria Strike2013-September-02
Frustration and Disgust: International Inaction over Syria2013-September-02
Uganda to Absorb African Migrants from Israel2013-August-30
Outrage: U.S. Returning Artifacts Looted from Iraqi Jews to Iraq, Instead of Lawful Owners2013-August-30
The Case for Humanitarian intervention in Syria: The UK Government Legal Position2013-August-30
No UN Approval for Use of Force in Syria, British Lawmakers Balk at Intervention 2013-August-29
Netherlands Seeks to Block Dutch Involvement in Jerusalem Sewage Treatment Plant 2013-August-26
In Syria, America Loses If Either Side Wins2013-August-26
No One Wants to Compromise with a Thief2013-August-12
International NGOs: "Global Conscience" or Powerful Political Actors?2013-August-09
1,000 Jurists to EU: Settlements Are Legal2013-August-06
Time for U.S. to Recognize Western Jerusalem as Israel 2013-August-02
Syria Lies in Pieces and It Will Not Be Fixed 2013-August-02
House Votes for New Tough Sanctions Against Iran 2013-August-01
New EU Restrictions on Israel Are about Foreign Policy, Not Law2013-July-26
The Baseless Hatred of the EU towards Israel2013-July-18
The Iran-Hizbullah Terror Connection: What Must Be Done 2013-July-12
Argentina Prevents Iranian Terrorism Investigator from Testifying in Washington2013-July-10
International Criminal Court Weighs Probe of Israel over 2010 Marmara Raid 2013-July-09
Preconditions Have No Basis in Law or Fact2013-June-20
Indonesian Lawmaker under Fire for 2013-June-14
Human Rights Lawyer Anne Bayefsky Speaks at UN Human Rights Council 2013-June-13
Sykes-Picot and Israel2013-June-10
Labeling Settler Goods Misses the Mark 2013-June-07
Conflict Resolution through Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East2013-June-07

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