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International law

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The Unsettling ICC Gambit2015-January-23
The ICC Preliminary Examination: Cause for Concern, Not Panic2015-January-20
Why Modernity Is Incompatible with Political Islam2015-January-20
Netanyahu: ICC Ignores International Law2015-January-19
Israeli Delegation of Gaza Border Residents Testifies before UNHRC Commission2015-January-15
The International Criminal Court Statute Contains a Provision Directly Designed to Target Israel2015-January-09
Defunding the Palestinians: Israel Stops Protecting Aid to PA on Capitol Hill 2015-January-08
Prevent the Palestinians from Marauding Their Way through the UN2015-January-08
Is the International Criminal Court Biased Against Israel? 2015-January-08
UN Chief Says Palestine Will Join International Criminal Court on April 12015-January-07
Holes in the Palestinians' ICC Case Against Israel 2015-January-07
U.S. Weighs Cutting Aid to Palestinians over ICC Move2015-January-06
Israeli Group Files War Crimes Suits Against Palestinian Leaders2015-January-06
UN Resolution 242 Is Recognized as the Key UN Resolution on the Israeli-Arab Conflict 2015-January-06
U.S. Vote Against Palestinian UN Resolution Fulfilled Pledge in Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty2015-January-05
Joining International Criminal Court Wouldn't Guarantee Palestinians a War Crimes Case2015-January-02
Israel Faces New Diplomatic Battle over Palestinian ICC Move2015-January-02
Netanyahu: Palestinian Authority Is an Entity Allied with a Terror Group, Not a State 2015-January-02
ICC Route Is Strewn with Complex Legal Obstacles2015-January-02
Ayatollah Khomeini and the Jews2015-January-02
Islamic State Recruits Entire Families2014-December-25
Questions for the Geneva Convention Meeting2014-December-18
Israel Decries "Unfounded" Amnesty International Gaza Report2014-December-10
How the Islamic State (ISIL) Threatens the West2014-December-10
IDF Launches Internal Probe into Possible Gaza War Infractions2014-December-09
Lawfare in the Wake of the Gaza War 2014-December-03
Israel Remembers Plight of Jews Who Fled Arab World2014-December-01
The Decision on the Gaza Flotilla by the ICC Prosecutor: A Warning for the Future2014-November-28
A Palestinian ICC Gambit Would Reach Far Beyond Parties to the Conflict2014-November-26
If Palestine Is a State, How Can Palestinians Living in Palestine Be Refugees?2014-November-21
Islamic State Leader Urges Attacks in Saudi Arabia (Reuters) 2014-November-17
By the ICC Prosecutor's Logic, Gaza Occupies Israel2014-November-14
The Dictators' Mutual Praise Club 2014-November-07
Global Court Says It Will Not Investigate Israeli Raid on Turkish Flotilla2014-November-06
The UK, Swedish and Irish Parliamentary Recognition of Palestine - Legally, Historically and Politically Questionable2014-October-28
Defensible Borders in the Age of the Islamic State2014-October-24
Israel's Legal Wars2014-October-17
The Ethics of Israel's Gaza Operation2014-October-07
UN: Islamic State Committing "Staggering" Crimes in Iraq 2014-October-06
Will the ICC Investigate Israel?2014-October-03
White House Exempts Airstrikes in Syria and Iraq from Tight Standards on Civilian Deaths 2014-October-01
Why Iran's Ballistic Missiles Matter 2014-September-24
The UN Convicted Israel Before Its Show Trial Even Began2014-September-24
Fighting Terrorism under the Rule of Law2014-September-22
A Guide to International Law and the Gaza War2014-September-12
UN Human Rights Council Inquiry Is Tainted at the Core2014-September-12
UN Human Rights Council Is Abusing Human Rights for Political Ends2014-September-09
Abbas Slams Hamas Claims of Victory, Says 120 Gazans Executed During War2014-September-08
The Ethics of the Gaza War2014-September-08
The Hysteria over the Israeli Land Announcement2014-September-05

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