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International law

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Israel-Lebanon Maritime Boundary Negotiations - Some Unique Aspects 2020-October-12
EU Governments Funding Palestinian Legal Actions Against Israel2020-September-24
UN Points Finger at Turkey over Rights Abuses in Syria2020-September-21
Islam in the Service of Peace: Religious Aspects of the Israel-UAE Accord 2020-September-10
Legal Rights Scholar Justus Reid Weiner Dies at Age 70 2020-September-07
The Legacy of Justus Reid Weiner, International Human Rights Scholar2020-September-07
How to Dismantle the Distorted Western Discourse on Israel2020-September-07
U.S. Sanctions International Criminal Court Prosecutor Bensouda2020-September-03
Do UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon Do More Harm than Good? 2020-August-27
UNIFIL Is Not Fulfilling Its Mandate to Disarm Hizbullah 2020-August-13
PA Calls Installation of Elevator for Disabled People at Holy Site a War Crime2020-August-13
Time to Replace Ottoman Law in the West Bank, Abandoned 100 Years Ago Everywhere Else2020-August-06
Video: The Battle of the Narratives2020-August-06
Imagine What Israel Would Look Like If It Hadn't Applied Its Law to Eastern Jerusalem in 19672020-July-30
The Indigenous Rights of the Jewish People and the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People2020-July-23
Lebanon's Financial Collapse Accelerates2020-July-20
Remembering the AMIA Bombing: Why It Matters 26 Years Later 2020-July-20
Why Did the Camp David Peace Talks Fail 20 Years Ago?2020-July-16
Iran Ordered to Pay $879 Million to Khobar Towers Bombing Survivors2020-July-09
UN Official Deems U.S. Killing of Iran's Soleimani "Unlawful"2020-July-09
Misconceptions over Planned Israeli Moves in West Bank 2020-July-02
Leave Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and His Views on Israel Alone 2020-June-30
Expert: Treating West Bank as Palestinian Is Historically Incorrect2020-June-29
Unilateral Israeli Action Could Break the Negotiations Deadlock2020-June-26
Greenblatt: French Accusations Against Israel Are an Attack Against the United States2020-June-26
European Parliamentarians Call for Investigation into EU Funding of Palestinian Terror 2020-June-24
Don't Buy the "Annexation" Hype2020-June-24
Applying Israeli Law to Part of the West Bank Will Not Block a Peace Agreement2020-June-23
Israel: The International Criminal Court Lack Jurisdiction over the "Situation in Palestine"2020-June-19
Why the ICC Prosecutor Is Wrong on Oslo 2020-June-17
Will Palestinians React with New Intifada to Application of Israeli Law in Parts of West Bank? 2020-June-15
Jewish Leaders Applaud Executive Order Sanctioning ICC Officials2020-June-12
Annexation vs. Sovereignty: Words Matter 2020-June-12
International Law and Israeli Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria 2020-June-12
Europeans Pushing to Boycott Israel over Annexation Should Think Twice2020-June-11
The U.S. Peace Plan, Political Wisdom and Double Standards 2020-June-11
Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev: Pre-1967 Lines Brought Israel Neither Peace Nor Security 2020-June-10
Pompeo: U.S. Could Make Moves Against International Criminal Court in "Coming Days"2020-June-02
If Abbas Can Revoke Solemn Obligations over a Knesset Speech, of What Value Are Any Palestinian Commitments?2020-May-28
Israel, the EU, and International Law2020-May-27
Israel: The Settlements Are Not Illegal2020-May-22
Video: Does the Term "Annexation" Even Apply to the West Bank2020-May-19
The International Criminal Court's Illegitimate Prosecutions2020-May-18
Legal Experts Question ICC over Alleged Israeli "War Crimes" Case 2020-May-15
How to Rescue Civil Discourse on Israel2020-May-15
Congress Calls to End ICC Investigations of U.S., Israel 2020-May-14
Over 300 U.S. Lawmakers Respond to ICC: Palestinian Authority Is Not a State2020-May-14
Arab World Moving On, But West Still Indulging Palestinian Return Fantasy 2020-May-14
The Real Victims of the International Criminal Court's Obsession with Israel 2020-May-11
Rule or Ruse of Law in the International Criminal Court?2020-May-08

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