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What Is the Real BDS Endgame? The Elimination of Israel2014-February-13
Future EU Sanctions Against Israel? Real, Imagined, and Somewhere in Between2014-February-12
The Syrian Constellation before the Geneva 2 Peace Talks2014-January-22
The Internal Iranian Struggle in the Aftermath of the Geneva Nuclear Agreement2014-January-17
No End to Palestinian Claims: How Israel and the Palestinians View Borders 2014-January-08
Conflicting Expectations from the Geneva Document between the P5+1 and Iran2013-December-11
Iran Looks Beyond the Nuclear Talks2013-November-27
The Emerging Geneva Agreement with Iran 2013-November-12
Sisi Fever: Will the General Be the Next President of Egypt? 2013-October-29
Iran vs. the West: Endgame? 2013-October-18
After the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Is Hamas in Gaza Next in Line? 2013-October-03
What Might Be Expected in Monitoring Syria: Lessons from Past Middle East Weapons Inspections2013-September-17
Manufacturing and Exploiting Compassion: Abuse of the Media by Palestinian Propaganda2013-September-10
President Obama's Shift on Syria and Western Strategy2013-September-04
Frustration and Disgust: International Inaction over Syria2013-September-02
Have the Fundamentals of Israel's Strategic Environment Inextricably Changed?2013-August-23
The Kurdish Awakening in Syria: Could It Lead to Regional War? 2013-August-16
International NGOs: "Global Conscience" or Powerful Political Actors?2013-August-09
Iran Responds to Europe's Blacklisting of Hizbullah 2013-July-31
The European Union - Hypocrisy, Hostility and Blatant Prejudice2013-July-19
Egypt after Morsi: The Defeat of Political Islam? 2013-July-12
Creating an Atmosphere Conducive to Real Negotiations 2013-July-10
Strategic Shifts in the Middle East2013-July-01
Preconditions Have No Basis in Law or Fact2013-June-20
Conflict Resolution through Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East2013-June-07
Manipulating International Law as Part of Anti-Israeli "Lawfare"2013-June-06
The Al-Dura Affair and Its Implications for Morality and Ethics in France2013-May-31
Is Egypt Heading toward a Military Regime? 2013-May-22
Iran Fears Growing Israel-Azerbaijan Cooperation2013-May-21
Successes and Failures of the BDS Campaign 2013-May-17
Iran's Plans to Take Over Syria2013-May-02
After Failed Negotiations, Iran Weighs a Nuclear "Breakout"2013-May-01
Stalemate in the Syrian Civil War2013-April-15
Understanding the Current State of the Iranian Nuclear Challenge 2013-March-25
Biased, Prejudiced, and Unprofessional: The UN Human Rights Council Fact-Finding Mission Report on Israeli Settlements2013-March-18
Iranian Shiite Terror Cell in Nigeria Followed a Familiar Pattern2013-March-06
Iran's Attempted Rapprochement with Egypt: Implications for Sunni-Shiite Relations2013-February-27
Hizbullah and the Assassination of the Iranian General in Syria2013-February-21
The Palestinian Authority's Responsibility for the Outbreak of the Second Intifada: Its Own Damning Testimony2013-February-20
Is Jerusalem Really Negotiable? Jerusalem's Place in the Peace Process 2013-February-14
The Islamist Challenge from the Sahel Region and North Africa 2013-January-30
Operation Pillar of Defense: Objectives and Implications2013-January-23
Iranian Policy toward Direct Nuclear Talks with the U.S. 2013-January-17
Abbas Reinstates a Radical Political Doctrine 2013-January-11
The "Day After" Scenario in Syria2012-December-19
No Palestinian State Has Been Created2012-December-14
The Rise of the Salafis in Lebanon: A New Sunni-Shiite Battlefield 2012-December-07
The Palestinian UN Upgrade: Setting Things Straight2012-December-06
The Iranian Role in the 2012 Gaza Conflict 2012-December-04
The Palestinians at the UN and the International Criminal Court2012-November-30

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