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Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood Have Their Sights on the West Bank and Jordan2014-December-24
Iran Accelerates Arming of Hizbullah and Hamas2014-December-22
In Algeria, "After President Bouteflika" Is Rapidly Approaching2014-December-12
How the Islamic State (ISIL) Threatens the West2014-December-10
Egyptian President al-Sisi vs. Hamas2014-December-05
Abbas Shuts the Door to Negotiations with Israel2014-December-04
Hamas Embraces the Path of the Islamic State2014-November-28
After the U.S. Mid-Term Elections: The Congressional Role in U.S.-Iran Policy 2014-November-18
The "Status Quo" on the Temple Mount2014-November-13
How Iran Views the Fall of Sana'a, Yemen: "The Fourth Arab Capital in Our Hands"2014-November-04
The Long Road to Choosing Iran's Next Leader2014-October-31
The UK, Swedish and Irish Parliamentary Recognition of Palestine - Legally, Historically and Politically Questionable2014-October-28
The Role of Hamas and Fatah in the Jerusalem Disturbances2014-October-27
The Terrorism Threat to Canada2014-October-23
The Significance of the First Hizbullah Attack against Israeli Forces since 2006 2014-October-13
Yemen Changes Hands: Will an Iranian Stronghold Emerge near the Entrance to the Red Sea?2014-October-07
Abbas Justifies Palestinian Terror in UN Speech2014-September-30
Qatar's Support of Hamas and Jihadist Forces in the Middle East2014-September-23
Hamas Policy after the Gaza War2014-September-18
Is Abbas Serious about Going to the International Criminal Court?2014-September-17
Iran and the ISIS Challenge2014-August-18
The Gaza Water Crisis2014-August-15
Hamas' Psychological Military Strategies Against Israel2014-August-08
UNRWA: An Agenda for Conflict2014-July-31
Unseen Scars of War: Psychological Consequences of the Hamas Attacks on the Israeli Civilian Population 2014-July-25
The Latest Hamas-Israel Confrontation - Some Pertinent Legal Points2014-July-24
Iran: The Regional Power behind the Hamas War Effort2014-July-15
What Does an Islamic Caliphate in Iraq Mean?2014-July-01
ISIS: Iran's Instrument for Regional Hegemony?2014-June-20
Demographic Upheaval: How the Syrian War is Reshaping the Region2014-June-18
Palestinians and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 2014-June-17
Inspections: The Weak Link in a Nuclear Agreement with Iran2014-June-11
"Cold-blooded Murder" or a War on Terror"2014-June-09
Sissi's Election as President: What Does It Mean for Egypt?2014-June-06
Iran Launches "Hizbullah Syria" to Open a New Front Against Israel on the Golan Heights2014-June-03
Boko Haram and the Future of Nigeria 2014-May-16
Palestinian Reconciliation and the Rising Power of Hamas and Islamic Jihad: An Iranian Windfall2014-May-14
The Rock and Roll Boycott of Israel2014-May-09
Iranian Strategy Feeds Off Perceived Western Weakness2014-May-01
The Hamas-Fatah Accord: A Legal Perspective2014-April-27
Egypt and Saudi Arabia Battle the Jihadist Current2014-April-25
Israel's Relationship with the UN Human Rights Council: Is There Hope for Change? 2014-April-18
Palestinian Deception and the Unwarranted Trust of the West: The Case of Palestinian Accession to International Conventions2014-April-17
"Occupied Territories" Is a Flawed and Biased Term2014-April-11
The Crisis in the Peace Talks Was Pre-Planned by the Palestinians2014-April-10
Changing the Historical Narrative: Saeb Erekat's New Spin2014-March-24
Iran's Fortunes Rising in a Middle East Vacuum2014-March-19
Arafat and the Jewish State: Setting the Record Straight2014-March-17
Egyptian Field Marshal Sisi: A Profile 2014-February-28
How Nuclear Talks Help Iran Dominate the Middle East2014-February-26

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