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Council on Foreign Relations

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Clinton: Arabs Must "Act Against Cultures of Hate, Intolerance and Disrespect"2009-July-16
Hillary Is Wrong About the Settlements: The U.S. and Israel Reached a Clear Understanding about Natural Growth 2009-June-25
Why Obama Should Listen to Netanyahu 2009-June-16
Lebanon's Triumph, Iran's Travesty2009-June-12
Obama, Netanyahu, and Iran2009-May-11
The Settlement Freeze Fallacy2009-April-08
Secretary of State Clinton Must Reject Hamas "Unity Government" Ploy2009-March-02
Repetition of Failed Experiments Is Not a Formula for Israeli-Palestinian Peace 2009-February-24
Former U.S. Diplomat: Mitchell's Prospects "Slim to None" 2009-January-28
When the Gaza Dust Settles 2009-January-14
Hamas Has Failed - It Is Time They Stepped Down2009-January-08
We Must Talk Iran Out of the Bomb2008-December-24
Playing Power Politics with Iran2008-December-18
Iran Uses Negotiations to Play for Time2008-December-10
Washington Think-Tanks Call for Shifting U.S. Focus from Iraq2008-December-04
Lashkar-e-Taiba Said Behind Mumbai Terror Attacks2008-December-01
American Carrots for Syrian Sticks? 2008-November-27
Iran's Economy Runs Out of Steam2008-October-29
The President Who Will Deal with Iran 2008-October-10
The Iranian Revolution: It's Not Just Ahmadinejad 2008-October-08
PA: No Agreement with Israel on Any Issue 2008-September-04
G-7 Nations Condemn - While Hamas Supports - Russian Recognition of Georgian Provinces 2008-August-28
Israel Cannot Stop Iranian Nuclear Program by Itself 2008-July-22
Enabling Moderate Islam? 2008-June-20
Why Americans Back the Jewish State 2008-June-20
Abbas' Misbegotten Peace Bid to Hamas 2008-June-11
How to Make Deals with Devils2008-April-25
Syria's Covert Nuclear Activities2008-April-25
Costa Rica's President Makes Mischief 2008-March-07
Syrian Officials Call on Arab Countries to Deepen Relations with Iran2008-January-16
A Triumph of Hope Over Experience?2008-January-07
Why America Is in the Gulf2008-January-02
Iranian Official Visits Egypt to Probe Normalizing Relations2007-December-28
The Gulf States and Iran2007-December-05
Indyk: Bush Seemed Uninvolved in His Own Peace Conference2007-November-29
Olmert at Annapolis: We Want Peace; We Demand an End to Terror, Incitement and Hatred2007-November-28
Peace and Politics in Annapolis 2007-November-27
Deepening China-Iran Ties Weaken Bid to Isolate Iran2007-November-21
Israeli-Arab Conflict Not Ripe for Resolution Yet2007-October-29
Jerusalem Syndrome 2007-October-26
Dual Loyalties2007-September-28
Seeds of Anti-Semitism 2007-September-21
Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran2007-May-24
No Peace Without a Capable and Responsible Palestinian Partner2007-May-24
The New PA Government: Composition, Platform, and Implications2007-March-21
Sunni and Shiite Muslims: Choosing a Sect2007-March-05
Who Wins in Iraq? Iran2007-February-28
The Limits of Diplomacy in the Middle East 2007-February-09
U.S. Repeating Mideast Mistakes?2007-January-18
Dual Loyalty and the "Israel Lobby" 2006-November-03

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