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Some in Israel Warn Against Google Street View2011-February-24
Iran's Natanz Nuclear Facility Recovered Quickly from Stuxnet Cyberattack2011-February-16
Video: Gaza Rocket Explodes near Israeli Wedding 2011-February-02
Police: Israeli Shot Palestinian in Self-Defense 2011-January-28
Israeli Forest Fire Singes Washington Post Feature2010-December-31
Israel Is Not Expanding Settlement Areas2010-December-31
The Facts of Israeli Peace Efforts 2010-December-24
Lebanon Claims It Confiscated Israeli Spy Equipment2010-December-16
The Soldiers Who Maintain Gaza's Security Fence2010-December-03
Israeli Security Invention Wins Award 2010-November-05
Israeli Airport Gives Rare Glimpse into Security2010-November-03
How Iran Devised New Suicide Vest for al-Qaeda in Iraq2010-October-25
CBS "60 Minutes" Joins the Arab Propaganda Bandwagon on Jerusalem 2010-October-22
Israel's Defenders Need to Attack2010-October-15
Israel to Boost Mt. of Olives Security2010-October-12
The Jerusalem Car Accident Video2010-October-11
Presenting a Series of Falsehoods as Facts2010-September-24
IDF to Install 100 Security Cameras along West Bank Roads2010-September-21
Attackers Strike Home of Iranian Opposition Leader2010-September-03
Mexico Buys Israeli Drone Aircraft2010-August-26
Israeli Technology Clears Landmines in Angola 2010-August-12
IDF: Presence of Cameramen, Journalists Proves It Was a Planned Ambush2010-August-04
Can New York Times Reports on Israel Be Trusted?2010-July-30
Presbyterian Study Committee Member Rejected Report for Failing to Affirm Israel's Right to Exist2010-July-05
Israeli Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni: "There Is No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza"2010-June-30
Experts: Ofek 9 Will Detect Iranian Activity2010-June-24
Israel Launches New Spy Satellite2010-June-23
IDF Identifies Mercenary Group Responsible for Flotilla Violence 2010-June-04
New Video from Ship Security Cameras: Flotilla Rioters Prepare to Attack IDF Soldiers 2010-June-03
IDF Employs New Thermal Camera for Border Surveillance2010-May-14
Anatomy of a False Allegation: The Petraeus Controversy 2010-April-27
Video Killer Thriller in Dubai2010-February-25
PA Rejects a Christmas Choir Because They Appeared in Israel2009-December-22
Mount of Olives Security Beefed Up 2009-December-18
Israeli Settlements Are More than Legitimate2009-December-11
Carter, Goldstone and Gaza2009-November-13
Anatomy of a Swedish Blood Libel 2009-October-15
The Goldstone Report: A Study in Duplicity2009-October-13
Australia to Deploy Israeli-Made UAVs in Afghanistan2009-September-08
43% of PA Wages Go to Security Forces2009-August-18
Record Set Straight Seven Years After Israel's Top Soldier Was Accused of Trashing Palestinians2009-August-14
LIFE and Death - Photos of Israel - 1967 by Paul Schutzer2009-August-10
Distorted View of Arab Population Growth in Jerusalem2009-July-31
IDF Soldiers Record Testimonies of Palestinian Terrorists' Use of Gazans as Human Shields2009-July-17
Why Condemn Israel But Not Iranian Government Brutality?2009-June-23
Israel Developing Battlefield Robot Snake2009-June-10
IAEA: Iran's Main Nuclear Plant Expanding Rapidly2009-June-09
Azerbaijan Foils Plot by Hizbullah and Iran to Bomb Israeli Embassy2009-June-01
National Geographic Blames Israel for Christianity's Decline in Middle East 2009-May-28
Reuters' Selective Lens Demonizes Israel on Independence Day2009-May-05

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