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How Do Other Countries Protect Security at Holy Sites? 2017-July-20
AFP Amends Captions: Temple Mount Closures Follow Deadly Attacks2017-July-18
Report: Gunmen Hid Weapons on Temple Mount before Attack, May Have Been Helped by Muslim Waqf Officials2017-July-17
Despite Protests Against Metal Detectors, Hundreds of Muslims Pray on Temple Mount2017-July-17
The Los Angeles Times and the Jahalin Bedouin2017-July-14
Israel to Introduce New Security Measures at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem 2017-June-27
Israel Constructing Underground Barrier to Thwart Attack Tunnels from Gaza2017-June-26
An Arab Paramedic in Jerusalem2017-June-23
Israel Speeds Up Security Camera Placements in West Bank2017-June-19
Israeli "Eye in the Sky" Drone Can Watch 80 Sq. Km. in Real Time 2017-June-16
Israel Capitalizes on Expertise in Counter-Terrorism 2017-June-07
New Israeli App Tests Fruit for Freshness2017-June-02
Video: Media Myth - East Jerusalem Is Traditionally Arab Territory2017-May-26
Palestinian Parliament Member Filmed Throwing Rocks at IDF Soldiers2017-May-17
The IDF Military Intelligence Technology Unit2017-May-05
Israeli Expert Questions New Airport Security Rules2017-March-23
Israel's Entry Law, and America's2017-March-17
How the New York Times Continues to Skew the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict2017-March-01
360-Degree View from IDF Observation Balloon at Gaza Border2017-February-20
First Israeli Research Satellite Launched into Space 2017-February-15
A Step in the Right Direction: New York Times Describes Palestinian Claims to West Bank Land as "Claims"2017-February-10
The Choices Palestinians Make 2017-February-07
New IDF Report on Palestinian Terror in West Bank 2017-January-27
Brussels Airport Bombers Targeted U.S. and Jews2017-January-24
Liberating the Visually Impaired2017-January-20
Public Broadcasting Service Ombudsman Upholds Criticism of Ben Rhodes' Settlements Falsehood2017-January-17
Israel Foils Smuggling of Illicit Materials to Gaza2017-January-10
Uruguay Opens $20 Million Security Center Fueled by Israeli Technology2016-December-30
Arab MK Caught on Camera Giving Documents and Cell Phones to Terrorists in Prison2016-December-23
Hamas Gathering Intelligence with Kites and GoPro Cameras 2016-December-16
Former President Jimmy Carter Misrepresents Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2016-December-09
Palestinian Arsonists Behind 3/4 of Largest Fires in Israel2016-December-02
Massive International Media Correction: U.S. Does Not Consider Settlements "Illegal"2016-December-02
Israeli Mobil App Warns Drivers of Dangers2016-November-25
Belgium Takes Tips from Israel on Airport Security2016-November-23
Drone Gifted to Russia Carried No Defense Technology, Officials Say 2016-November-17
British Army Used Israeli Missiles in Iraq and Afghanistan2016-November-11
French Presidential Plane Equipped with Israeli Defense System2016-November-04
Two Men from Egypt Found the Unexploded Bomb in Manhattan2016-September-29
LA Times Casts Palestinian Attackers as Victims2016-September-23
Video: Israeli Soldier Wounded in Hebron Stabbing Saturday2016-September-19
The Saudis Have Killer Drones2016-September-15
After Contacting Reuters about Skewed Headline, Reuters Corrects2016-August-26
India Wants Israeli Radar to Unearth Terrorists Hiding in Forests2016-August-18
Israel Police to Boost Presence in Jerusalem Arab Neighborhoods2016-August-12
Video: Arabs in Jerusalem Shoot Fireworks at Jewish Neighborhood2016-August-04
Israeli Tech Enables Pilots to See Through Fog2016-August-03
Jerusalem Intelligence Center Provides Rapid Response to Terrorist Attacks 2016-August-02
Israeli Firm Uses In-Field Cameras and Climatic Sensors to Address Farm Problems2016-August-02
IDF to Post Security Cameras along Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway2016-July-29

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