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Commercial Diplomacy in the Middle East2017-January-12
Kerry's Attack on Israel2017-January-05
Restoring U.S.-Israel Meetings of the Mind2017-January-04
U.S. Jewish Groups Oppose Paris Conference on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2017-January-03
How the New U.S. Administration Can Negate the Anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution2017-January-03
On Israel, a Resolution to Repudiate2017-January-02
On Israel, an Exaggerated and Misguided Focus on Settlement Construction2016-December-30
Obama's Attack on Israel 2016-December-30
Israel, the U.S., and the UN 2016-December-30
Obama's Slap in the Face2016-December-30
The War on Israel Never Ends 2016-December-30
Obama's Betrayal of Israel at the UN Must Not Stand2016-December-29
Netanyahu: Israelis Do Not Need to Be Lectured about the Importance of Peace2016-December-29
Why This UN Resolution Was Different 2016-December-28
UN Security Council Resolution 2334: A Disservice to the Cause of Peace2016-December-28
Obama's Parting Betrayal of Israel2016-December-27
Israel Summons U.S. Ambassador over UN Vote2016-December-26
Video: UN Resolution Contravenes the Oslo Agreement and Empowers Israel's Enemies2016-December-26
UN Resolution Applies to Historically Jewish Areas in Jerusalem 2016-December-26
The United States Just Made Middle East Peace Harder2016-December-25
Video - John Bolton: U.S. Abstention at UN "Violates 50 Years of American Bipartisan Policy"2016-December-25
U.S. Declines to Veto UN Security Council Resolution for Israel to Stop Jewish Settlement Activity 2016-December-25
Rebuffing Israel, U.S. Allows Censure over Settlements2016-December-25
Democrats Scorch Obama over UN Vote Condemning Israeli Settlements 2016-December-25
Rep. Hastings: U.S. Abstention at UN "Irresponsible and Reckless"2016-December-25
Jewish Organizations Condemn U.S. Abstention at Security Council2016-December-25
Israelis Called Trump Only After Failing to Persuade Obama on UN Veto2016-December-23
Was U.S. Policy on Israel and the UN Changing? 2016-December-23
Anti-Israel Security Council Resolution Will Not Help Peace2016-December-23
Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem2016-December-22
The Colonial Origins of U.S. Policy on Jerusalem2016-December-22
Russia's Rise in Mideast Creates Enemies2016-December-21
U.S. Policy and the Fall of Aleppo 2016-December-20
The Jihadi Threat: ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Beyond 2016-December-15
Policy Recommendations on the Middle East for the Trump Administration 2016-December-15
Palestinian Poll: 2/3 Demand Abbas' Resignation2016-December-14
How Trump Should Renegotiate the Iran Deal2016-December-08
Will Trump and Netanyahu Make the America-Israel Relationship Great Again? 2016-December-08
American-Israeli Academic Collaboration Soars 2016-December-08
Avoiding Mistakes in Middle East Peacemaking2016-December-06
U.S. Ambassador: "We Will Always Oppose One-Sided Initiatives"2016-December-02
France Should Be Ashamed of Labeling Products Made by Jews2016-December-02
U.S. House of Representatives Calls on Obama to Oppose Anti-Israel Efforts at UN2016-November-30
Iran and China Are Strengthening Their Military Ties2016-November-23
Former CIA Director Hayden: U.S. Needs to Push Back Harder on Iran 2016-November-22
Israel Limits Its Trade with America's Rivals2016-November-22
Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem2016-November-22
In Trump Era, Israel Sees Opportunity to Shift U.S. Approach to Iran 2016-November-21
Israel Seeks Negotiated Peace with Defensible Borders 2016-November-15
Congress Preparing to Work with Trump to Squeeze Iran 2016-November-14

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