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Maintaining Israel's Qualitative Military Edge in a Changing Region2018-April-24
The Logic of the Chemical Attack in Syria2018-April-20
Imagine If Washington and Jerusalem Were to Develop a Joint Plan to Degrade Iranian Forces in Syria 2018-April-18
Iran Controls Syria's Shia Militias 2018-April-13
Israeli Medical Humanitarian Work along Syrian Border Deserves UN Recognition2018-April-13
Military Strikes on Syria: Critical Considerations2018-April-11
U.S. May Cut Funding for UN Agencies that Single Out Israel2018-March-28
Can the Iran Deal Be Fixed? And Should It Be?2018-March-22
Should U.S. Aid to the Palestinians Be Suspended? 2018-March-19
World Fails to Cover Costs of U.S. Aid Cuts to Palestinian Refugee Agency 2018-March-15
Israel Isn't at the Center of the Middle East's Problems2018-March-15
The Palestinian Leadership Does Not Want to Return to Negotiations with Israel2018-March-15
"National Security Leaders" Adopt the Palestinian Narrative2018-March-14
Federal Judge Rules that Terror Attack Victims May See Boeing Contract with Iran2018-March-02
U.S. Wants Saudis to Seek a Diplomatic Solution to Yemen's Civil War2018-March-02
U.S. Threatens Action Against Iran after Russia UN Veto2018-February-28
A New Realism: America and Israel in the Trump Era2018-February-28
Saudi Military Leaders Replaced Amid Stalemated War in Yemen2018-February-27
Jibril Rajoub vs. Muhammad Dahlan to Replace Mahmoud Abbas 2018-February-26
Abbas at the Security Council 2018-February-21
America Should Get Behind Saudi Arabia's Revolutionary Crown Prince2018-February-21
Israel's Deepening Involvement with Syria's Rebels2018-February-20
Israel, the Palestinians, and the Administration's Peace Plan2018-February-16
The Coming Conflict between Iran and Israel2018-February-16
Continued Iranian Military Expansion in Syria Will Lead to Wider Conflict2018-February-13
Poll: 2/3 of Israelis Say Economic Migrants Must Leave Israel2018-February-08
U.S. Says Syria Is Moving to Conceal Chemical Weapons Use Amid Rise in Attacks2018-February-02
Irish Bill to Boycott Israeli Settlements Runs Afoul of U.S. Laws2018-January-30
A Holocaust Awareness Awakening in Saudi Arabia 2018-January-29
Israel's Remarkable Diplomatic Achievements in 2017 2018-January-26
UNIFIL: Same Forces, More Reports2018-January-26
In the Middle East, Note Who Curses America and Who Blesses It2018-January-25
Iran's Protests Reveal the Truth about Hassan Rouhani2018-January-19
Regional Pushback, Nuclear Rollback: A Comprehensive Strategy for an Iran in Turmoil2018-January-12
How to Sanction Iran While Preserving the Nuclear Deal2018-January-11
Don't Withdraw from the Nuclear Agreement, Demand Its Full Implementation 2018-January-11
U.S. Weighs Cutting Aid to Palestinian Refugees 2018-January-10
Where to Start Cutting UNRWA Funding2018-January-10
U.S. and Europe Must Begin to Develop a Common Approach to Iran's Nuclear Program 2018-January-05
The West Should Stop Dithering and Show Its Support for the Protesters in Iran2018-January-04
The Protesters in Iran Need Real Help from Washington2018-January-02
Future Presidents May Thank Trump for Acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel's Capital 2017-December-28
Israeli Arabs Have Highest Life Expectancy in Arab-Muslim World 2017-December-27
Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital Marks an End to Discrimination Against Israel2017-December-26
Displeased with Palestinians, Arab States Chart New Jerusalem Policy 2017-December-26
Inciting Hatred on the Basis of Religion Will Not Establish a Palestinian State2017-December-22
Is It Really about Jerusalem? 2017-December-22
Jerusalem Is Israel's Capital2017-December-22
Will Saudi Arabia Push Abbas to Curb Campaign Against Trump?2017-December-21
The Growing Risk of an Israel-Iran Confrontation in Syria2017-December-21

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