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Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Is Not a "Concession" to Israel2017-May-23
Trump's Middle East Strategy and Its Chances for Success2017-May-22
U.S. Diplomat Named Who Told Israelis: Western Wall Is Not Yours2017-May-17
A U.S. Agenda for the Middle East2017-May-17
A Proposal for a Trump Initiative for the Economic Development of the West Bank and Gaza2017-May-16
Peace Process Rituals 2017-May-12
U.S. Should Help Egypt in Its War on Terror 2017-May-12
Despite Heavy Losses, ISIS Structures Remain Resilient2017-May-11
Qatar Needs to Stop Funding Islamists2017-May-10
Congressmen Call to Allow Americans Born in Jerusalem to List Israel as Their Birthplace2017-May-05
Iran Is Building Two Land Corridors to the Mediterranean2017-May-04
The Palestinian Authority Is Already a "Failed State"2017-May-04
Getting Away with Murder 2017-April-28
Syria After the U.S. Missile Strikes: Policy Options 2017-April-28
If Arab States Are Involved in the Peace Process, They Will Seek to Fulfill Palestinian Aspirations2017-April-28
Iranian Supreme Leader Condemns USA and Israel2017-April-26
Stop Supporting Palestinian Terror 2017-April-21
With Syria in Pieces, It's Time to Recognize the Golan Heights as Part of Israel2017-April-20
The U.S. Strike in Syria: Global Message2017-April-13
Military Strikes on Syria: Historical Lessons and Implications 2017-April-12
Trump Raises the Stakes for Russia and Iran2017-April-10
If Palestinians Are Serious about Peace, "Martyr" Violence Should Not Pay2017-April-07
America Must Send a Strong Message to Syria that Using Chemical Weapons in War Is Not Acceptable2017-April-06
U.S. Priority in Syria No Longer Focused on Getting Assad Out2017-March-31
In Response to Trump Request, Israel to Restrict Settlements' "Footprint"2017-March-31
Trump Accepts Amona Settlement Exception, U.S. Official Says2017-March-31
Lessons on Iran from North Korea's Nuclear Threat2017-March-30
Israel's Entry Law, and America's2017-March-17
Kuwait Airways Faces Further Legal Action Over Refusing to Fly Israeli Passengers 2017-March-16
U.S. Should Warn Russia to Keep Iran and Hizbullah Away from Israel's Syrian Border2017-March-16
Iranian Official Boasts of "Guerilla Movement" within the U.S.2017-March-15
Can the U.S. Mobilize Key Sunni Arab States?2017-March-10
Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman Tells U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson: Settlements Not an Impediment to Peace 2017-March-09
The U.S. Should Move Its East Jerusalem "Embassy" to Ramallah2017-March-09
The Boycott of Israel Nobody Is Talking About2017-March-08
Iran and the U.S. under the Trump Administration2017-March-07
The Uphill Battle over Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem2017-March-03
Bab al-Mandab Shipping Chokepoint Under Threat 2017-March-02
Lawmakers Unveil Measure to Cut Funding for PA Terrorists' Stipends 2017-March-01
Why the U.S. Should Recognize Israel's Sovereignty over the Golan Heights2017-March-01
A Common Sense UN Move2017-February-24
U.S. Jewish Leader Wants World Conference to Fight Anti-Semitism2017-February-22
American Resolve Is Required Against the Threat from Iran2017-February-22
Thinking Out of the Box2017-February-21
What Is Trump's Israel Policy?2017-February-20
The Road to Peace2017-February-17
How Trump Can Take on Iran (Without Sparking War)2017-February-17
Change Has Not Come to the Middle East 2017-February-17
What Would a Wise Middle East Policy Look Like? 2017-February-17
From Obama to Trump, a Change in Tone and Substance2017-February-16

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