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The UN and Israel in the Nikki Haley Era 2019-April-22
The Current Paradigm about Israel and Its Neighbors Is Increasingly at Odds with Reality2019-April-19
It's the PA that Declared War on Western Values 2019-April-19
A Wise, Necessary Strike Against Iran's International Islamist Terrorism2019-April-12
Leading Jewish, Pro-Israel Groups Praise U.S. Designation of Iran's Revolutionary Guards as Terrorist Organization 2019-April-09
What Should Be Israel's Response to the U.S. Peace Plan? 2019-April-09
Video: Why Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights Matters2019-March-29
IAEA Is Reviewing Iran Nuclear Archive2019-March-28
Expert: International Law Only Prohibits Taking Territory in a War of Aggression2019-March-27
U.S. Sanctions Iranians Named in Nuclear Archive Exposed by Israel2019-March-26
AIPAC's Washington Conference Will Reflect American Support for Israel 2019-March-26
Why Trump's Golan Heights Gesture Won't Derail Peace2019-March-25
Israel's Sovereignty on the Golan Heights: Why Now? 2019-March-22
Trump's Golan Announcement Was No Impulse Tweet2019-March-22
Israel's Golan Heights2019-March-22
Some Misconceptions about the Ilhan Omar Affair 2019-March-15
What about "the Benjamins" Coming from the Gulf States? 2019-March-13
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict a Low Priority for Americans 2019-March-12
Ilhan Omar Can't Break the U.S.-Israel Bond 2019-March-12
U.S. Sanctions Are Hurting Hizbullah2019-March-08
Who Will Fund Syrian Reconstruction?2019-March-05
Abbas' Legacy: Expanded Payments to Terrorists2019-March-05
U.S. Says Closing Consulate in Jerusalem Is No Policy Shift2019-March-04
Top Foreign Affairs Democrat Rebukes Rep. Ilhan Omar for "Vile Anti-Semitic Slur"2019-March-04
After Israel Deducts Payments to Terrorists, PA Rejects Monthly Tax Transfer2019-February-28
Jordan's Public Shares U.S. View on Iran 2019-February-27
The U.S. Green Party's Crusade Against Israel 2019-February-25
At Warsaw, European Ministers Embraced the Need to Counter Unacceptable Iranian Behaviors 2019-February-20
American Jewish Leaders Insist Congress Remains Strongly Pro-Israel2019-February-18
Iran's 40 Years of Darkness2019-February-15
The Progressive Assault on Israel2019-February-14
Ilhan Omar's Tweets Were Appalling. What Happened Next Was Inspiring.2019-February-12
Why Americans Support Israel2019-February-12
Hizbullah Is in Venezuela to Stay2019-February-12
As Arab Leaders Warm toward Israel and Jews, Are Arab Publics Following?2019-February-08
The Way Forward for U.S. Policy in the Arabian Peninsula 2019-February-08
The U.S. Has Wasted Billions of Dollars on Failed Arab Armies 2019-February-04
No, Israel and America Aren't Breaking Up 2019-January-29
U.S. Considering Staying in Syrian Base to Counter Iran 2019-January-28
Iran Is Determined to Use Syria as a Springboard to Hit Israel2019-January-28
Iranian Hostility toward Israel Is Not Inevitable 2019-January-25
How Will the U.S. Withdrawal Impact Israel's Strategy in Syria?2019-January-25
Trump's Mideast Strategy 2019-January-15
Enough with the Hysterics, Anti-BDS Laws Are Perfectly Constitutional 2019-January-15
Experts View Israel's Response to a U.S. Pullout from Syria2019-January-10
After the U.S. Withdrawal from Syria2019-January-09
Israel Will Continue to Act Against Iran in Syria with U.S. Support2019-January-07
Getting America Out of Syria2019-January-04
The U.S. Withdrawal from Syria: A Blessing in Disguise?2019-January-01
Netanyahu Heads to Brazil for Bolsonaro Inauguration 2018-December-28

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