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Maybe We Peace Process Veterans Were Wrong 2020-September-24
F-35 Sale to the UAE: How to Balance Competing Priorities2020-September-24
The South Syria Deal: Two Years Later2020-September-24
Israel's Vulnerable New Friends2020-September-21
Iranians Charged in Cyber Theft of National Security and Nuclear Information2020-September-17
What Bahrain's Deal with Israel Really Means 2020-September-17
The Abraham Accords May Herald New Security Structures for the Middle East2020-September-17
Can Israelis Tame the Chinese Lion? 2020-September-10
Israel Concerned over Possible U.S. Sale of F-35s to UAE2020-August-27
Do UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon Do More Harm than Good? 2020-August-27
Israel's Military Supremacy Is Non-Negotiable2020-August-24
The Israel-UAE Agreement Is a Key Step for Peace and Sends a Crucial Message to Palestinians 2020-August-17
Israel-UAE Deal Is Win-Win-Win, Palestinians Included 2020-August-17
What We Know about the Blasts in Beirut2020-August-10
After 15-Year Hostile BDS Campaign, Israel Has Only Become Stronger2020-August-06
New York Times Claims Internationally Embraced Anti-Semitism Definition Is "Disputed" 2020-August-06
Taking a Jewish Approach to U.S. History 2020-August-03
What U.S. Police Officers Learn When They Visit Israel2020-July-23
The Unilateral Application of Israeli Sovereignty Is Necessary to Move the Peace Process Forward 2020-July-16
A Better Chance at Peace2020-July-16
U.S. Diplomat Views Syria, Iran and Russia 2020-July-16
Israeli Moves in West Bank Are Not the Disaster for Peace Many Say It Is 2020-July-02
The Assad Regime Is Cracking under Pressure 2020-July-02
U.S. Deputy Anti-Semitism Envoy: Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism 2020-July-02
Egyptian Public Concerned about Internal Problems, Not Israel 2020-June-30
Palestinian Views on War and Peace with Israel2020-June-23
Applying Israeli Law to Part of the West Bank Will Not Block a Peace Agreement2020-June-23
Annexation vs. Sovereignty: Words Matter 2020-June-12
Europeans Pushing to Boycott Israel over Annexation Should Think Twice2020-June-11
Removing the UN Arms Embargo on Iran Will Reward Tehran's Malign Actions2020-June-10
Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev: Pre-1967 Lines Brought Israel Neither Peace Nor Security 2020-June-10
The Real Palestinian Tragedy Remains Their Policy of All or Nothing2020-June-04
Mahmoud Abbas' Strategy of Selective Compliance2020-June-02
The Palestinian Refusal to Negotiate with Israel and Trump Is a Cowardly, Fateful Mistake2020-June-02
Israel, the EU, and International Law2020-May-27
Does Israel Have U.S. Support to Apply Sovereignty to Parts of Judea and Samaria? 2020-May-21
The Chinese Challenge to the U.S.-Israel Relationship 2020-May-18
Legal Experts Question ICC over Alleged Israeli "War Crimes" Case 2020-May-15
How Turkey Shifted the Air War in the Battle for Tripoli2020-May-15
Moves to Extend Israeli Sovereignty to Parts of West Bank Shouldn't Have Come as a Surprise. It Is, after all, the Cradle of Judaism 2020-May-12
Iran Has Not Halted Plans of Entrenchment in Syria2020-May-06
Critics Wrong on U.S. Mideast Peace Plan 2020-May-05
U.S. Intelligence Director Urges EU Countries to Ban Hizbullah2020-May-04
New U.S. Law Allows Terror Victims to Sue PA 2020-April-24
Is It Wrong to Let Israel Make Decisions for Itself? 2020-April-24
Tired of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Riyadh to Press Sides on U.S. Peace Deal 2020-April-20
Opposing an IMF Loan to Iran2020-April-20
Coronavirus Grant to Palestinians Not a Policy Change on Aid Cuts, U.S. Officials Say2020-April-17
The Next Iranian Revolution2020-April-16
The Two-State Solution and U.S. Interests2020-April-14

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