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Can Muslims Ever Accept a Jewish State? 2020-April-10
Qatar's State-of-the-Art Foreign Lobbying Campaign2020-April-01
The Coronavirus Is Absolutely No Excuse to Lift Sanctions on Iran 2020-April-01
Why the U.S. Peace Plan Still Matters2020-March-20
Coronavirus in Iran: Regime Culpability and Resiliency2020-March-13
The UN's Selective Outrage on Disputed Territories2020-March-13
How and Why Iran Has Lost its Position as Head of the Shiite World2020-March-10
The Iran Deal Funded Iran's Aggression 2020-March-09
Hizbullah's New Strategy to Survive Lebanon's Financial Crisis2020-March-04
Shi'ite Azerbaijan's Historic Speech at AIPAC2020-March-02
Foreign Policy Invents Claims Against U.S. Peace Plan 2020-February-25
Americans Aren't So Eager to Retreat from the Middle East2020-February-24
As U.S. Leaves Mideast, Backing Israel Becomes More Critical to Keep America Secure2020-February-21
The UN Blacklist, U.S. Laws, and U.S. Policy2020-February-14
Palestinians Protest U.S. Peace Plan at UN, But World Has Moved On2020-February-13
Poll: Palestinians Favor Return to Armed Struggle in Response to U.S. Peace Plan2020-February-12
Tunisia Sacks UN Ambassador for Opposing U.S. Peace Plan 2020-February-10
Video: The U.S. Peace Plan - A Changing Diplomatic Paradigm for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict2020-February-10
Give Peace (Plan) a Chance 2020-February-07
Senior EU Official Rejects U.S. Middle East Peace Plan2020-February-05
EU Foreign Policy Chief Failed to Convince Foreign Ministers to Issue Joint Statement Criticizing U.S. Peace Plan2020-February-05
Study: 80 Percent of U.S. Jews Say They Are Pro-Israel2020-February-05
U.S. Peace Plan Requires PA to Halt Payments to Terrorists2020-February-05
U.S. Peace Plan a Return to Rabin's Doctrine of Defensible Borders2020-February-05
Israel Comes Full Circle with Sudan2020-February-04
U.S. Technology on Iraqi F-16s Feared Vulnerable to Iranian-Backed Militias2020-February-03
U.S. Peace Plan: Palestinians Should Abandon Posturing 2020-February-03
U.S. Ramps Up Sanctions on Iran while Providing Medicine2020-January-31
Arab Leaders' Support for Mideast Peace Plan Marks a Regional Shift 2020-January-30
U.S. Peace Plan Is Fair and Just 2020-January-29
U.S. Ambassador Reveals Contours of Peace Deal2020-January-27
Successor to Slain Iran General Faces Same Fate If He Kills Americans, U.S. Warns 2020-January-24
The Killing of Soleimani Will Not Stop Iranian Aggression2020-January-22
White House Sees a Weakened Tehran 2020-January-21
U.S. Boosts Funding of Tech Companies to Help Anti-Tehran Protests2020-January-21
U.S. Iran Envoy: The Intelligence Was Very Clear that Soleimani Was Plotting Large-Scale, Mass Casualty Attacks Against Americans 2020-January-16
The Nuclear Deal with Iran Was a Charade Right from the Start2020-January-16
Israel Is Not Iran's Primary Concern2020-January-15
The Killing of Soleimani May Restrain Tehran's Aggression2020-January-10
Confronting a Dangerous Iranian Regime Likely to Lead to a Better Outcome2020-January-10
Iran's Attacks Against the U.S. in Iraq Accomplished What Was Intended 2020-January-10
Pompeo "Disavows" Carter-Era Anti-Settlement Policy 2020-January-09
Dissecting the U.S. Policy Shift on Jewish West Bank Communities 2020-January-09
How Soleimani's Killing Could Make a Stronger Iraq2020-January-08
Pompeo Explains America's Iran Policy2020-January-07
Soleimani's Death Is a Huge Blow to Iran's Plans for Regional Domination2020-January-07
Gen. Petraeus Says U.S. May Have Helped "Reestablish Deterrence" by Killing Soleimani 2020-January-06
Calm Down: Killing Qasem Soleimani Made Us Safer2020-January-06
The Old Foreign-Policy Rulebook Shielded Bad Actors 2020-January-06
Soleimani, a General Who Became Iran Icon by Targeting U.S.2020-January-03

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