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Why Legal Avenues to Mideast Peace Are Misguided2017-September-14
Getting to No with Iran 2017-September-14
It's Time to Update America's Important Anti-Boycott Law for Israel2017-September-13
Hijacking the Laws of Occupation 2017-September-04
Abbas Moves to Take Control of the Palestinian Judiciary2017-September-01
A Successful Strategy Against BDS 2017-August-31
European Secretariat Halts, Investigates Funding to Radical Palestinian Group2017-August-23
Jordan's Refusal to Permit the Return of Israel's Ambassador Is Against International Law and the Peace Treaty 2017-August-17
Experts Concerned about North Korean Nuclear Precedent for Iran 2017-August-15
Palestinians Demand Confidence-Building Steps from Israel and U.S.2017-August-14
Clarity on the Israel Anti-Boycott Act2017-August-14
Recognizing a Palestinian State before a Peace Agreement with Israel Undermines the International Rule of Law2017-August-11
After ISIS, Will We See the Emergence of an Iranian Radical Empire?2017-August-04
Israel Anti-Boycott Bill Does Not Violate Free Speech2017-July-28
Putin Thanks Israel for Opposing Toppling of World War II Monuments to Soviet Soldiers in Eastern Europe2017-July-25
Why Has Iran's Investment Gold Rush Been So Slow to Emerge? 2017-July-04
The Occupation Is a Political Matter, Not a Legal One2017-July-03
U.S. Abstention on UN Security Council Resolution 2334 on Israel's Settlement Activities Distances Peace2017-June-21
The Palestinians' Real Tragedy: Failed Leadership 2017-June-16
Swiss Parliament Votes to End Funding of Anti-Semitic NGOs2017-June-14
Why Won't Abbas Accept "Two States for Two Peoples"?2017-June-14
Red Cross on Missing Israelis: Hamas Must Abide by International Humanitarian Law2017-June-12
PA Payments to Terrorists Are an Open Scandal 2017-June-02
Palestinians Paid Terrorists $1 Billion in Past 4 Years2017-May-30
Abbas Intervened to End Prisoners' Hunger Strike2017-May-29
Palestinian Hunger Strike Campaign Exposes Divides within Fatah2017-May-26
President Trump Should Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem2017-May-26
Denmark to Allocate Another $8 Million to Radical Anti-Israel NGOs2017-May-18
Russia Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's Capital. Why Can't the U.S.?2017-May-15
Where Is World Outrage over Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul?2017-May-01
Why Overthrowing Assad Won't Solve Syria's Crisis2017-April-14
Fatal Dissent: When a Hizbullah Commander Argued with Iran - Avi Issacharoff2017-April-12
New African Perspectives on Israel and the Palestinians2017-April-12
Lessons from Israel's Response to Terrorism2017-March-24
New UN Report Libels Israel, Promotes Hatred, and Makes Peace Less Likely2017-March-20
Iran's Budgets Are Fiction 2017-March-17
Was the Balfour Declaration Legal?2017-March-17
Al-Qaeda Extremists Are Leading the Syrian Insurgency2017-March-15
The Centenary of the Balfour Declaration 2017-March-10
Why Did U.S. Veto UN Post for Palestinian Ex-PM 2017-February-15
Dershowitz Would Defend Israel in The Hague over Settlements Law2017-February-13
International Legal Expert: Criticism of Knesset's Settlement Law Is Unwarranted2017-February-10
Israeli International Law Expert: Yasser Arafat Promised Yitzhak Rabin that the Palestinians Would Negotiate the Final Status Issues2017-February-10
How Israelis See the Settlements2017-February-06
Are Israeli Settlements Illegal? 2017-February-02
UN Resolution Targets 250,000 Jews in Jerusalem2017-January-26
The Dangers of a Unilateral Israeli Withdrawal from the West Bank and Eastern Jerusalem2017-January-24
Paris Peace Conference Ignored French Court Ruling on Israeli Settlements2017-January-19
The Paris Peace Conference Reveals the Ignorance of the International Community2017-January-17
UN Should Tell Palestinians to Give Up Claims to Israeli Territory 2017-January-13

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