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New Palestinian Curriculum Shows No Improvements, Anti-Semitism Remains2020-September-24
The Abraham Accords May Herald New Security Structures for the Middle East2020-September-17
Turkish Hyper-Activity Reverberates throughout the Middle East 2020-September-14
EU Warns Serbia, Kosovo over Israel Embassy Move2020-September-10
Robot Processes Coronavirus Tests in Rapid Time2020-September-07
Palestinians Are Not Ready to Restore Ties with Israel 2020-August-31
Hungary Defends Israel at EU Foreign Ministers' Summit2020-August-31
Israel, UAE Agreement May Herald a New Era of Peace 2020-August-17
Israel Reprimands Belgium for Supporting NGOs Aiming to Silence Pro-Israel Voices 2020-August-13
EU Study Examines Wrong Textbooks, Concludes Palestinian Authority Promotes Peace with Israel 2020-August-13
Britain Imprisoned 1,580 Jewish Holocaust Refugees in Palestine for Five Years in Mauritius2020-August-13
Taking a Jewish Approach to U.S. History 2020-August-03
U.S. Army Tanks in Europe Fitted with Israeli Active Protection System2020-July-23
The Unilateral Application of Israeli Sovereignty Is Necessary to Move the Peace Process Forward 2020-July-16
Jews Are Indigenous to Israel 2020-July-13
Don't Call It Annexation 2020-July-06
Palestinians Reject EU Moves to Block Funding for Terror-Linked NGOs2020-July-02
How the EU Discriminates Against Israel Diplomatically2020-June-26
Hizbullah Is Starting to Suffocate2020-June-26
Covid-19 Pandemic Unleashed Worldwide Wave of Anti-Semitism2020-June-26
Greenblatt: French Accusations Against Israel Are an Attack Against the United States2020-June-26
Video: Undercover Israeli Reporter Probes Palestinian Opinion2020-June-25
The Battle Inside the EU over Israel2020-June-24
European Parliamentarians Call for Investigation into EU Funding of Palestinian Terror 2020-June-24
Don't Buy the "Annexation" Hype2020-June-24
Europe Must Join the Fight Against the Iranian Regime2020-June-19
EU Nixes Grant to Palestinian NGO that Refused to Sign Anti-Terror Clause2020-June-18
Israel Has Always Sought Peace with its Arab Neighbors2020-June-18
German Intelligence Report Reveals Iran's Attempts to Obtain Nuclear Technology2020-June-17
French Jews Decry European Court's Ruling in Favor of BDS Activists2020-June-15
European Court of Human Rights Rules Against French Conviction of BDS Activists 2020-June-12
Israel Must Control the Jordan Valley to Defend Its Eastern Border 2020-June-12
Europeans Pushing to Boycott Israel over Annexation Should Think Twice2020-June-11
The U.S. Peace Plan, Political Wisdom and Double Standards 2020-June-11
Israel Aerospace Wins $350 Million European Special Mission Aircraft Deal2020-June-09
After Germany Banned Hizbullah Activities, Now It's the EU's Turn2020-June-09
No, Israel Isn't a Country of Privileged and Powerful White Europeans2020-June-08
EU Diplomats Predict Low-Key Reaction to Application of Israeli Law in Parts of West Bank 2020-June-05
UN Envoy: "There Is No Middle East Peace Process" 2020-June-04
Iran Tried to Poison Israelis by Increasing Chlorine in Water2020-June-01
Israel, the EU, and International Law2020-May-27
Can Jordan Revoke Its Peace Treaty with Israel?2020-May-20
The Palestinians Should Move Fast toward Negotiations. Time Is Not on Their Side2020-May-19
Europeans Continue Unjustified Criticism of Israel but Ignore Real Middle East Threats2020-May-18
In Syria, Russia Is Turning Against Iran and Assad 2020-May-15
Russia Wants a Diplomatic Victory in Syria. Iran and Assad Are in Its Way2020-May-15
How to Rescue Civil Discourse on Israel2020-May-15
Israel: EU Funding for Palestinian "Civil Society Organizations" Ends Up Supporting Terrorists2020-May-14
Can Palestinians Stop Israel from Declaring Sovereignty over Parts of West Bank? 2020-May-12
Israel Supports U.S. Call to Renew UN Arms Embargo on Iran 2020-May-08

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