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UK Reports Record Number of Anti-Semitic Incidents2017-July-28
Argentina-Israel Relations: Nazi Trials and Terrorist Tribulations 2017-July-21
The Red Cross and the Holocaust2017-July-21
At Holocaust Memorial, Macron Says Anti-Zionism Is the New Anti-Semitism2017-July-17
An Italian Jewish Rebirth2017-July-14
Lawsuit Claims San Francisco State University Fostered Anti-Semitism on Campus2017-June-20
Anti-Semitism in Greece May Be Highest in Europe2017-June-02
UN Chief: "Denial of Israel's Right to Exist Is Anti-Semitism"2017-June-01
The Trump Approach to the Palestinian Arena2017-May-05
Archbishop of Canterbury Prays at Western Wall in Jerusalem, Condemns Anti-Semitism 2017-May-04
Every Senator Agrees the UN Must Change2017-May-03
The Jews Who Saved Thomas Jefferson's Home at Monticello2017-April-28
President Trump's Speech on Holocaust Memorial Day2017-April-27
UN Secretary-General: Denial of Israel's Right to Exist Is "Modern Form of Anti-Semitism"2017-April-24
The Bigotry of "Intersectionality"2017-March-31
The UN's Palestinian-Women Shakedown Racket2017-March-29
New UN Report Libels Israel, Promotes Hatred, and Makes Peace Less Likely2017-March-20
Polish Historian's Book on Killing of Jews Exposes Raw Nerve2017-March-17
Swiss National Council Calls for End to Government Funding for BDS NGOs 2017-March-09
Congressmen Urge Action on Anti-Semitism 2017-March-03
Israel's UN Ambassador: Discussions of a "One-State Solution" Are Not Realistic 2017-March-03
Senior Church of England Bishop Condemns Israel Apartheid Week2017-March-02
World Leaders Must Condemn Anti-Semitism Wherever It Is Found 2017-March-02
Video: Why the BDS Campaign Against Israel Is Dangerously Wrong2017-March-01
Hoenlein: Pandemic of Anti-Semitism Is Forming2017-February-28
U.S. Jewish Leader Wants World Conference to Fight Anti-Semitism2017-February-22
Citing Anti-Semitism, UK University Cancels Israel Apartheid Week Event2017-February-22
Israel Does Not Cause Anti-Semitism2017-February-22
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley: We Will Never Repeat the Terrible Mistake of Resolution 2334 Condemning Israel2017-February-21
Israel Criticizes Russia for Blocking International Definition of Anti-Semitism2017-February-17
Israel Boycotts Blocked at Two British Universities2017-February-16
Pope Francis Denounces Anti-Semitism2017-February-10
UNRWA Teachers Incite Terrorism and Anti-Semitism2017-February-07
Record Number of Anti-Semitic Incidents in UK2017-February-02
Netanyahu: When Iran Calls to Wipe Out Every Israeli, the World Is Silent2017-January-27
Anti-Semitism and Freedom of Speech on College Campuses 2017-January-27
Why Is France Hosting a Middle East Peace Conference?2017-January-11
Free Speech and Anti-Semitism 2017-January-04
Hatred of Israel Is Racism 2016-December-23
Israel: EU Labelling Rules Have -Non-Existent Impact-2016-December-14
Theresa May Lauds Israel's "Thriving Democracy"2016-December-13
UK Adopts Anti-Semitism Definition to Combat Hate Crimes Against Jews2016-December-13
Israel Is a Model of Democracy and Multi-Ethnicity2016-December-12
BDS Movement Only Divides Us 2016-December-09
Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill Passes Senate 2016-December-06
Anti-Israel Boycott Prevents Peace, Assaults Jewish Identity 2016-November-24
How Israel Surprised the World During Its President's Visit to India 2016-November-21
Russian Government Spokeswoman Suggests Trump Won Thanks to "the Jews" 2016-November-18
The Challenges Facing American Jewry2016-November-11
The War of a Million Cuts: The Struggle Against the Delegitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the Growth of New Anti-Semitism2016-November-04

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